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Best answer: False. Of course we have. In fact on the packet of Marlborough cigarettes,(a KKK company) there use to be three red K's on the packaging. That was banned in the 1980's though.

Why are exams so annoying? Students study and know the material yet the questions on the exam are nothing like the practise questions, thus the students do bad on the exam. It's annoying when people say that if you know the material you'll do well on any exam when some exams clearly are harder than the... show more

Best answer: It's a matter of degree. Teachers may raise their voices to get the attention of the students and be heard over them, but that doesn't mean they are shouting at the students. Shouting would include expressing disapproval, expressing anger.

Best answer: your only suicidal when you put that gun in your mouth and like the taste. my husband killed himself just last year.dont do wouldnt believe the the mess it leaves behind.figuretivly and literally

Help my IQ is only 20?

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I'm currently in college, and no matter how much I revise, study and know the material, i'm always stuck on a C for my exams. My professor makes the exams completely different to my notes and practise problems. Every question has a twist to it. I'm the one TEACHING others the material and yet get a C on... show more

a few years ago i was testing my IQ measurements to prepare to get my GED. the test was accurate i scored 120, skeptical of the results i took a different accurate one and scored the same 120. so recently i took another one and scored 114, only after taking a series of IQ tests to measure my intelligence quotient.... show more

Best answer: A+

Most means a large amount right?

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Best answer: Most means more than half. That could be a large or small actual number depending on what you are referring to.

Best answer: the ASVAB is an aptitude test, not an IQ test. A less than a 31 means there are likely no jobs in the Army where your strengths can be utilized. A 72-79 means there are jobs that fit your skill set but since you haven't told us anything but your overall score, we have no idea what they are. Based on your... show more

Tonight and we are going to say its a ghost? We made the robes earlier on. Bad idea or do it for a laugh?

Which one is better?

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Best answer: I would do option 2. However, I suggest sleeping 6 hours and cutting out a little extra time to study. Additionally, for studying, a good way to remember the topic is to make yourself a homemade study guide or to recopy your notes. Even if you can't do that fully, pick a few important topics and try and do... show more

Best answer: Make sure you wear a bullet proof vest under it if you're going to go trick or treating in this ridiculous outfit.

I have 1 week. 13 math topics i need to master for a midterm exam.

If the teacher has no evidence except for the fact that they saw me looking at the kid next to me's paper. If i deny everything and make a stupid excuse (even if the teacher knows its all bs), can they still get me in trouble. I know that their words are worth more than mine but if i refuse to admit, does that... show more

Studied so hard but failed. What is wrong with me!!?:( Ugh, I just failed an exam that i studied so hard for, did every practise problem in my textbook, went to my teacher for help, and i felt so ready for the exam and it was just so much harder than my textbook. What am i doing wrong:( Am i just dumb?:( What is... show more