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Ezekiel Saw the Wheel?

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Best answer: Since we now have no idea what it was, UFO seems to fit.

Did i take the right steps to protect myself?

9 answers · Zurich · 4 days ago
So i believe my DEBIT card info was stolen. I physically had the card, it never left my wallet. I have a suspicion my info was memorized by somebody and i had 2 suspicions transactions. So i immediately called my bank and i told them 2 cancel my DEBIT card for security reasons and they did. I opted not to get... show more

Best answer: No idea, but I'm not affected because I have a computer program to help me move my questions back to P&S(as long as I leave my computer open). My friend, who is majoring in Computer Science at Cambridge, made it for me so yay!

Update: Guys it was on the express news. EXPRESS NEWS IT'S the real website. Have you heared of the deer zombie disease? Update 2: https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1093099/NASA-asteroid-warning-asteroid-GD37-earth-crash-2019-date-nasa-asteroid-tracker Update 3: Please no fooling around with me Update 4:... show more

Best answer: Then you shouldn't believe there is anything beyond the area you can see with your own eyes. What is this talk about a "Earth"? Have you been in space? What do you know about there being an Earth?

Everybody in France is white. True or false?

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France doesn't and has NEVER had a black person live there. And for the record, "Arabs" are white people with tan skin, no different to Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Jews, Portuguese or the Southern (non Norman) French. There are far more Norman French living in Paris than these so called... show more

Why does Fireball worship Satan?

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Best answer: Whiskey saves???

How can I get more people to read my story?

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My short story is on wattpad ( https://www.wattpad.com/story/180259459-... ), but wattpad seems impossible to get people to read, it s just amazingly crowded, any tips? Thanks

Something I want to say to atheists?

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Best answer: I think that's a pretty good plan. I'd maybe suggest looking into an aerospace engineering degree rather than computer science but that's something a guidance councilor would be better equipped to handle. I wish you the best of luck. Maybe you'll design the next evolution in air / space travel.

French Canadians/Quebecois are NOT white. True or false?

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They are Chinese and black!

What are you doing to help homeless millennials in San Francisco?

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Best answer: She is just plain rude.

Everywhere in Europe you go (England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, etc), everybody has the same fair hair, big blue eyes, pink untannable skin and is skinny and 6 ft tall. Not the... show more

I have never seen and felt beautiful countries, I was always in this ugly crowded Indian city my whole life, I love western countries so much, like USA, Europe, Canada so much, there are so other developed countries which can compare to those countries,

And can they understand, Can they understand, Why life goes on the way it does? Why do the birds go on singing? Why do the stars glow above? Don't they know it's the end of the world? It ended when God lost their love.

And White countries in Europe are the darkest, coldest and most depressing places in the world.....At one point they used to be disease filled as well...just gross.

Best answer: The flat Earth thing is merely a propaganda launched by certain people who need to obtain attention from plain folks. And it seems it's working. They even talk about flat Earth on TV and elsewhere too. As long as you know how things really are, keep them to your beliefs, and leave others say what they want to... show more