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Atheists, why don't you like posting anonymously?

10 answers · Durango · 1 day ago
I thought you were morally neutral thrill seekers

Do demons exist?

6 answers · Cozumel · 19 mins ago

Supposedly, the government is going to put lots of 5g cell phones towers very soon, and studies have shown that cell phone towers are very bad for health. In some countries, there are already cell phone towers and some people are having health problems. Basically, their health is deteriorating. Also, some sources... show more

True of false: atheism = stupidity?

6 answers · Aguascalientes · 2 hours ago

They do not have a leader, means they are just a lost soul, wondering around and just complain they are better than God who work hard for the community to have a better future. They pretend they are sinners and do not know that the worse sin they have is to under estimate the power of the Church.

Ineedathrotalcable 450bronco?

4 answers · Ciudad Juarez · 2 hours ago

People don't think I should be laughing. Why not?

8 answers · Guadalajara · 2 days ago
My friend asked me to plan a party for him, but I warned it was a bad idea. He persisted, so I told him it would be a surprise. I looked on Craigslist and saw this woman who posted that she was 6'1 and 250 pounds and was looking for somebody to wrestle. I contacted her and when the day for my friend's party... show more

Give it up, Christians. You're hopeless?

5 answers · Zacatecas · 1 week ago
Christians and their "59 year old conservative" role model took it upon themselves to try and defeat me in order to bring back their old buddy, Blockbuster. Face it. You'll never succeed, christians.

Best answer: Not real.

Best answer: emotional instability

Why is Corvus Blackthorne such an agnostitard?

4 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 2 weeks ago
Clearly he hasn't got the guts to be an atheist.

They just love their god and "possible" gods. Can you recommend a good psychiatrist for this "Trinity"?