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Best answer: He is a good actor.

Best answer: I think some actors are better at connecting with a live audience and other actors are better at connecting with a camera and a few actors are equally good at both.

Best answer: As Cogito said in a comment it means being fascinated with theater and wanting to become an actor.

Scenario A: Let’s say I’m a high school drama teacher and I recently purchased the licensing rights for my school to put on a production of The Sound of Music. But I’m not a fan of the original staging. In the original stage musical My Favorite Things is sang towards the beginning by Maria and the Mother Abbess at... show more

Best answer: Not a competition. Both require talent but the styles are very different.

Is Hollywood better than Broadway?

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Best answer: Better is totally subjective. They both have their pros and cons. As an actor I much prefer stage to film.

Best answer: Do not rush and practice. It is like studying for a text, you cannot CRAM.

Best answer: The awards are for different Mediums. Tony is an award for a Broadway production. Oscar is an award for Movie productions

Best answer: It's a light-hearted musical.

So my girlfriend showed me auditions for a play we both love on Facebook and we both auditioned (she’s an actor I definitely am not) only problem now is I got a call back and she hasn’t heard yet, she doesn’t know I got invited back and I’m supposed to go back in 2 days for dance call. I’d really love to take part... show more

I m a university student from Japan preparing for the event for English learners. Is there anyone who can help me out? Here I have the script of the class. Opening Skit Nyokki: Day Camp is so interesting. We’re having fun! AWARA: Yes, we can learn many things in English. Erika: I am back. AWARA: Oh no. There’s... show more

Best answer: Play acting is in the moment. It is performed in an it’s entirety from start to finish. There are no “retakes”. Because of this there is a longer rehearsal period so actors can memorize the lines and blocking. During a performance, actors get immediate feedback and an energy from the audience. And since the... show more

Small part in musical theatre show?

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Yesterday, I auditioned for a musical theatre show theatre some year 11s are running in our school. I thought I had a good chance of getting a role, not to brag. Since I do a lot of musical theatre outside school (I’m 14 and I’ve done Grade 8 musical theatre, Grade 8 LAMDA acting). I’m also in a saturday theatre... show more

I wanna be an actor but one thing I was thinking is there will never be a role as interesting as game of thrones. I’ve seen police shows I’ve seen drug shows but nothing like got

I am trying to convince my theater director to do a production with a pit orchestra instead if just recordings. I think it adds a lot and will bring more people - and thus more attention to the arts and maybe even money - because school groups do not have one in my town. Is this actually a big draw factor in this... show more

Best answer: While I see a fair bit of musical theatre, I don't really like it when the characters are talking and suddenly burst into song. It strains my suspension of disbelief. That's why my favorite musical has the songs be apt for the plot: Cabaret only has singers in performance at the KitKat Club. I generally... show more

Is Acting really a full time thing?

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Best answer: The thing is every acting job is temporary. So it could be a “full time thing” until it’s not. For example, you get a gig with a repertory theater and work full time for several months and at the end of the season you’re out of work and have to find another job (acting or otherwise). And attempting a... show more