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I have a subway... should i eat it?

6 answers · Delhi and NCR · 1 day ago
I just had dinner but my dad brought me a subway and a Coca Cola but i don’t really want to eat it because i just had dinner but i have to eat it.

Was Henry Fonda a good actor?

5 answers · Lucknow · 2 days ago
Best answer: Henry Fonda was a great actor! It's funny you should mention Once Upon a Time in the West. Fonda played good guys all his career. Dads and leaders and thinkers, but he was always a really sensitive good guy. He only played one bad guy and that was in Once Upon A Time In the West. And he did it so well! He... show more

Best answer: The only blood E Warren has in her is that of a sea hag.

Who likes pistachio ice cream?

9 answers · Other - India · 1 week ago
I had it at a indian restaurant and it was yummo

Best answer: "Remember, you wanted this"

10 Points!?

5 answers · Thiruvananthapuram · 4 months ago

Which country is safer Australia or Iraq?

13 answers · Mumbai · 4 months ago

What is free education? Does CSK Free Education exists in india?

4 answers · Thiruvananthapuram · 1 year ago

Best answer: Try grinding them and set up an IV

Best answer: The big Maharaja (made with Chicken)

How should I store ghee?

14 answers · Mumbai · 3 years ago
In the fridge or in the cupboard (away from light)? Will it go bad if not in fridge? Will I get food poisoning?

Which is the best restaurant in Andheri West?

11 answers · Mumbai · 3 years ago