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He's indicted over 20 Russians and former trump advisors who lied and committed crimes. But he has not accused Trump of any crime. Trump says on a daily basis that theirs no collusion and he's innocent. His behavior shows a lot of fear and worry of what's to come. What reason does trump have to keep... show more

Other than emperor Putin's grace

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the staff don't smile?

11 answers · Other - Ireland · 4 months ago
There's this restaurant that i go to every once in a while in Ireland where im from, myself and my dad dress ourselves up and make the effort and drive out to enjoy a meal, and there's this waitress there and she reminds me of an American female cop that's giving me a ticket; she has the emotion of an... show more

Calculate diagonal of a rectangle 150ft x 250ft?

4 answers · Mathematics · 1 year ago

How do the british talk?

7 answers · Waterford · 2 years ago