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Best answer: for the cost, tthey should!

Is Tim Horton's food better quality than McDonalds?

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What does 20 piece mc nuggests cost in canada?

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Is Tim hurtons cheap?

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Best answer: Well, their coffee certainly tastes cheap! Hey oh! But no, they're not. Their sandwiches are over-priced crap. I'd rather eat the suspicious looking meat that McDonald's and Taco Bell have going on. At least it's easier on the wallet.

Does Tim Hortons have Almond milk?

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Can an octopus legally enter the Canada?

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Was I wrong not to tip?

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Best answer: Overall, I agree with you, but it depends on how you look at it. In food service, tips aren't considered extra money - waiters are paid less because tips will make up the rest of their salary. So on one hand, you docked her pay. She didn't completely ruin your meal so maybe a buck or two would have sent... show more

Her name is Dior Draven she is about 5 10 she is creen Indian she has a bunch of tattoos with really big boobs and she works at a bar in Vancouver and has the most gorgeous eyes

Best answer: The difference is your sister in the USA will be in big trouble if she burns a US flag. Canadian's are in big trouble if they burn an image of the Queen.

What kind of food do you eat in Quebec?

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Best answer: Quebecers pretty much eat the same thing as anyone else in the world. Some people will have steak, some eat pizza, some are vegetarian, some are lactose intolerant. In most Quebec cities, you'll find sushi restaurants, shawarma places, pizzerias, and chinese buffets. We have McDonalds, Burger King, Subways, KFC... show more

I'm taking my girl for our one year anniversary and I was hoping if there are any restaurants where they have people bring roses for sale near the table. I couldn't find anything in Toronto, but I took my GF to a boutique/restaurant in Montreal where a lady was selling/ bring roses near our table. She liked... show more

Any tims open in winnipeg on xms?

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