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Best answer: I'll try to remember that. Did you know it's good luck to throw your pocket change into the jet engines while boarding an airliner? . .

If the black box is indestructible?

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Best answer: because stank chungus isn't working on it

Airbus or Boeing?

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Best answer: I would put Airbus over Boeing anyday.

Peking Boulevard?

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Why has nobody heard of this very famous airplane.

Best answer: So much rain has swamped the runways, making landing impossible. Climate change, global warming strikes again, Rump.

What are your favourite aircraft?

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Best answer: Cessna 182.

Who sings Living on a Prayer?

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Best answer: Canadian rock group Bon Jovi

Best answer: The 777 by far. It’s still in production today and the mainstay of large widebody passenger airliners. The A340 is no longer in production even though it entered service only a few years before the 777. The A340 was very under powered in early versions as well as a compromised design that shared many elements with... show more

Best answer: If an airplane's engines were to suddenly stop in the air, it would have to make an emergency landing. The plane would not immediately crash, it would glide down. The pilots would be able to steer it still, so it would still be able to make an emergency landing. It would be nearly impossible for the plane to... show more

Best answer: Deserve? It's just business, survival of the fittest. Their own customers are going to determine whether they live or die, at least in the commercial jets business. Boeing won't die, it's too big, and it can survive for a long time even in bad times. It also is a defense contractor, so it makes tons of... show more

Best answer: It is very rare of a lightning strike to cause any problems to a aircraft.

like to know about air bus landing? are there any law?

Best answer: A fix is specifically something based on navaids. Most of them are VOR or GPS and require those to navigate to them. Ones that don’t would be based on a localizer and using a fan marker or NDB to locate it (either by receiving a fan marked signal right above it or station passage for an NDB). Using DME while on a... show more