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Is there something wrong with me?

16 answers · 1 day ago
i'm an 18 year old girl. i wear t.shirts, sweatshirts, baggy pants and etnies shoes. i have short blond hair and never wear make up. i go skate and play soccer. i read manga and fantasy novels, watch horror and splatter movies, listen to metal and play bass in a band. i like RPGs and violent videogames. i have... show more

Best answer: That's right--beauty is subjective. Some people only find a person attractive if that person looks like a fashion model. Other people see a very ordinary looking person and think they are attractive because they believe they "are beautiful on the inside." Also, everyone has their own type that... show more

i don't know what they do

Are they trying to look Indian or something?

Should guys shave or wax a little?

10 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: it’s totally up to the guy, but I prefer shaved

Best answer: Women like older men because they got more money and resources and it shows masculinity so they usually don't mind the hair. Men like younger women because it they're more fertile and healthier so they prefer shaved.

I am insecure about my forehead. But if i know it is possible to be handsome eventhough you got a big forehead it would make me feel better. Do you know names? Becaise if i look it up on google i find men that dont got a realy big forehead so it is kinda pointless.

What is undraped modeling?

16 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Undraped tends to be totally nude so the students can see the full human anatomy and learn how to recreate it in their particular medium.

Gift for almost 14 year old girl?

4 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: If you have to ask what you want, then you're one of the lucky ones, all your needs are met, you don't really want (or need) anything. And if you're doing well at school too you're doubly lucky. You have all your current needs met, & you have a high chance of a promising future. I respect you... show more

Best answer: Just lie about it. Thats what democrats do. High cheekbones=Native America, big legs=Samoan, like booze=Irish, hairy back=middle eastern,

Best answer: i think it can work with either. i say darker pants though in general.