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Best answer: the sarne way you told us

Best answer: You should not wash your hair every day, or you will wash you wash all the natural oils out.

Best answer: They want to stand out from the crowd. There is a lot of pressure to be an individual and different from everyone else.

The hair salon mistaken when I said shave it all and she didn’t put no guards on clippers and buzzed my whole head. I had very thin hair on top and never had it buzzed just trimmed but this time she did the whole head and I am still in shock and am bald! How long it will take to get a head of hair again? I did... show more

Do you brush or comb your hair?

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im pissed. how do i go about this situation

Best answer: I think long hair is less trouble, you can just wash and leave long hair.

Best answer: he sprays his whole body with orange color for some reason

Hi, when I try to lather my hair with shampoo it will not lather, so how can I clean my hair with the shampoo without lathering? Thank you.

Why is my hair greasy?

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I am 14. Before I cut my hair, I washed it about twice a week. It is now just past my shoulders. For some reason I began washing it about every second day. On the second day it gets greasy and it is very frustrating. I am starting to try and train my hair to be less greasy by washing it less, but is still so far... show more

Bleach hair dye it black?

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I dye my hair a jet black permanent color. My question is will it fade or go back to a blonde. I did put a blonde hair dye on top of my bleach hair 2 months before going jet black

As a guy who prefers having long hair and has hair past my shoulders. It doesn t make sense why there are more guys with short hair than long hair. I always figured it was how we are raised or gender norms, or because its more mainstream. I am sure there are alot of reasons but many of guys run to the beauty shop... show more

Can you dye your body hair?

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