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Best answer: F I X E D

Least selfish signs?

18 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: The plus sign.

Best answer: GEMINI & AQUARIUS

Best answer: Not yet.

Best answer: Certainly, despite being a VIRGO

Best answer: Aries?? not sure. I know scorpios and leos are the most vain. They need to chill.

Why are water signs annoying?

14 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: well they are emotional no doubt and also hypocrites, the biggest hypocrite is scorpio for sure. They act like people hate them for no reason when they are assholes.

Do Virgo men sleep around?

15 answers · 2 weeks ago

My sun conj his mercury-venus-uranus (7°) and sextile his pluto (5°) His sun sextile my moon (3°) and conj my mars (9°) square my pluto (2°) Our moons sextile (3°) or, since idk his birth time, his moon sextiles my venus-mercury His moon conj my mars and jupiter (3°) and square my pluto Our venus conjunct + we have... show more

Why do you believe in astrology?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago
how it started for you. .just tell me how was that begin

Sometimes I wonder how it would be if my mom was an water sign rather than a air sign. If I would of turned out differently or not. I don’t mean this in a bad way even though it may come off slightly twisted

Every sign can potentially be narcissistic, but these two really overdid it, seems quite pathetic to me.

Best answer: Gemini is the wrong person to trust.

Best answer: If there is something you want to change about yourself, you have the power to do so. Like Nike says, just do it , it is just that simple. The Moon has nothing to do with how you label yourself. Maybe you are brainwashed and need to close the astrology chapter of your life, that sounds very horoscopy.. as if you... show more

Why are gemini women aggressive?

9 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: It's that time of the month .

Soon they will figure out it’s all in their head they really aren’t all that desirable at all. Try sometime and you will see.

So starting off with my personality I can either be really shy, anti-social, quiet and think first do second type of person or I could be really social , talkative , fun , bold, carefree and do first think later type of person. I like to daydream about things like if I had everything I wished for and just everything.