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Deciding between a Honda cb300f, ninja 250, or an R3. Is a 300 to small?

Best answer: To clarify, where are you? From your description it sounds like you drive on the left, but the exact road rule still depends on where you are. Added: Well I suppose it doesn't matter. In any case, where I live, a car is permitted in a bus lane for 30 metres before doing a left turn. This stands to reason... show more

It’s a 2017 Honda Rebel 500

Motorcycle wont start ?

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Hi, The motorcycle was idling like normal I went inside to pick up my helmet, then when I got back it just turned off, I Cranked it but no success , I checked spark , it is OK, It just turns on for like just 1-2 cranks and stops again over and over...

Best answer: Here I'm going to assume you're asking about a bicycle that's designed to be rode on pavement, meaning no suspension system and has multiple gears. A bicycle with a skilled rider can go most any place where it isn't legally restricted to operate. What do you mean by electric scooter? Electric... show more

I have a icon alliance, it dropped from my passenger peg, maybe 2 feet? Hit pavement got a small scuff on top of the helmet. Does this warrant a new helmet? Heard about that one time impact thing has me worried

Motorcycle Tire help?

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I have a 2011 yamaha styker motorcycle, model should be xvs1300CAB. I am at a loss for where to get my tires at. Specs are 120/70-21 m/c for the front and 210/40R 18 m/c for the back. Should I trust bike, or is there a more reliable source to find my parts? Really frustrating the manufacturers of these... show more

Best answer: Most of the problem is blood-flow, suggest you use a horse linament called Ambysol(sp) on/around your knees before and after riding as it creates better flow. I use it before and after long rides, smells a bit strong but helps.

Scooter laws in CT?

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Hi so i cant find any answers anyware and needed some help so i have a Rhino MS-SS501 electric scooter with the specifications being a 36 Volt and 500 Watt motor. I'm trying to see if i can ride it in my local park as well as the side streets i live on. All i could find was that the motor had to be less than... show more

I do not belong to a motorcycle club, but I am wondering if it is disrespectful to wear a vest with my roller derby team logo in the middle and rockers over it, one that says Baystate and the other that says Brawlers. I do not have the middle square patch on my vest, but I would like to know if the rockers are ok... show more

Best answer: They are inherently dangerous, yes. But if one is skilled and knowledgeable one can at least mitigate the risks such that it is a reasonable risk. You can't stop a drunk driver or a lunatic from a head on crash but that's often fatal for the driver of any motor vehicle and doesn't happen very often. ... show more

Wondering if it is worth it to get rod of a sport and a tourer and get a sport tourer. I have the two styles for they're different functions. Would getting the sport tourer combine the two functions well? The bikes are Tourer 2006 vtx 1300r Sport 2005 Suzuki sv650s And the sport tourer is a 2008 KAWASAKI... show more

How i select best motorcycle?

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