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Turn on wifi radio?

5 answers · 2 days ago
I just turn off wifi radio router and cant turn it on again. The wifi is missing? How the hell i access router if there is no wifi. Also i dont have any cable on me.

Hello, I have a friend that has been blocked in a website and he needs to use my computer remotely to log in this website.I am going to format this PC but I would like to know if it is secure or there is danger doing this. Could him steal me information just being connected in my wifi?

Best answer: Some routers can be used as a wireless/extender. Check the linksys website for your particular router.

Best answer: It's possible you got a bad router or there's some firewall settings enabled that is slowing you down, but a lot of it probably has to do with how you are connecting to this community wifi. A router like that should be wried straight into a cable modem or a Ethernet jack. if you are trying to use it like... show more

How can i access the u.s. Netflix?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
My country doesn't have the office in its Netflix service, but the u.s. does. I tried using vpn, & it opened the link & showed me the episodes, but when i clicked to watch it told me to disable proxy/vpn. Is there any way to bypass this??

How Do I Log In To Netgear Router?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago

Wi-fi routers?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Are some routers more powerful than others and what is a good one for around $50.00?

The box does not have any Ethernet ports, just a power cord and a coax

I'm on a bus that offers free wifi. To connect, you have to agree to terms of service that pops up. I can do this fine on my phone. However, on my computer, the terms of service won't load and I can't agree to it. How should I fix this?

I have got the connection working again but the airplane icon is still displayed. I am not sure at all what airplane mode is but to begin with I could not connect. I messed around to get that straight, but iconis still there, whatever it means.

Best answer: Someone Hacked your WIFE and Removed the Password. Log on to your Router and change it back and give it a different password. There are two types of WIFI = Public and Private. Public WIFI is provided as a service by Business and Governments. Private WIFI is where you own the WIFI Router and it is located in... show more

Forgot my passcode to my wifi?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago