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Is this true about windows 10?

6 answers · 19 hours ago
i asked a question about what to expect with windows 10 when i have it installed later in the year...i still have a windows 7 desktop computer and i plan to have windows 10 put on a separate hard drive in this computer so i have the two operating systems in one computer......but when i asked about windows 10 and... show more

Today when I turned on my computer and went to open google chrome it was just a white screen and said not responding and the only way I could close it was to end the process in task manager. About a few hours later I got it to work for a few minutes but it was still slow and lagging. I am currently on firefox which... show more

Best answer: LINUX: RedHat is a good choice. SuSE is a runner up. But, you don't need to renew Windows 10 license. Once you buy it, you own it. BTW- i3 is not a good processor.

How small can a point be, as a point, a point can be multidimensional, if so, from where does a point take all these dimensions?

Is there any way I can forward it to the right person?

i have 1,241 jpeg files taken from a sony camera. i uploaded them to my windows 10 laptop. i try and download them from the laptop file to usb stick, it does download just under 100 then comes up with the rest of them being corrupt ( about 260) i cannot believe this to be correct as its the total remaining amount... show more

How do you update this browser?

4 answers · 4 days ago

Hi folks, I have a problem, my DW has deleted my project recently from PC and I cant restore it. Any suggestions?

Best answer: a) somebody in P&S mentioned that his paid AdBlock was able to let him through w/out it b) other folks who blocked Google re-captcha server said they were not able to post questions/answers

How do L move taskbar to bottom/?

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I just started using Windows 10. I was pleasantly surprised at how much the DOS prompt now resembles bash. No I do not have CygWin installed. The DOS prompt has evolved a lot between Windows 7 and 10. Somehow I think Windows 11, and Windows 12 will have a DOS prompt that accepts "ls" as well as... show more