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Best answer: There is no reason why a company would want to see your assignments. They may ask for your transcript so they can see the courses you took and your grades. Don't show that unless they ask for it. They want to see a resume that looks nice (not fancy) and has NO errors. They would like to see that you've... show more

Best answer: Well, it's been a long time since I had to deal with such stuff. I think the answer is that you can do it if the partial sum is convergent (not divergent). So, in a loop, you check if the absolute value of each term is smaller than the last one and stop when it's below epsilon which is an arbitrary very... show more

Best answer: Quite a bit actually.

Best answer: It's easy to be unemployed by simply not looking for a job. I would say "that works for me" but hey, I'm unemployed, so, no work. LOL.

Best answer: Usually, the day would be stored as a number (0-6), So, you'd have methods to convert the name of the day to the number and visa versa. So if you accept that idea, then you have to decide which day of the week (Sunday or Monday) will be day 0. So, the next thing is to use stepwise refinement. Don't try... show more

Best answer: Some upvoted misinformation here. (Chris's answer is good, as usual.) If you are going to distribute a copy of an application, and that application needs external files as "resources" (like sound, images, databases, external text, etc.) then you need to include those files along with the executable;... show more

How to begin c program?

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Write a function named "get_length" that takes a list as a parameter and returns the number of elements in the list


I need Word program?

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I’m 23 and have finally found myself in a position where I’d like to peruse something I’d love to do but I don’t know exactly where to start. I always loved the idea of programming video games (understanding it’s a competitive field) was wondering if anybody had advise on where I should get started