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Is internet explorer shutting down and if so when?

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We have no WiFi because wiring is old!?

17 answers · Other - Internet · 5 days ago
Hello.. I recently bought a mobile home in a mobile home park in a big city within Los Ángeles, Ca. After we moved in the manager notified us that the only type of internet we are able to have is satalite internet due to the fact that the wiring was very old and the owners of the park did not want to get new wiring... show more

Wtf happened to YouTube that one night?

14 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago
Any one know what the hell happened to YouTube that one night when it went out for Ann hour

Best answer: of course it's not true - this happens every year - gullible people start sharing this rumor - it's just not going to happen - stop believing stupid things you see on your phone, kid

I only add people I actually talk to regularly in real life. My list has about 60 people. How do some people have 200, 300 or even over 500!?

Who else’s YouTube isn’t working?

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How can I access my Yahoo with facebook?

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How do I advertise me doing full detailing?

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Im paying for advertisements on Facebook in my local area. It's been very slow lately, no one has messaged me but instead, they liked my post. What can I do to make them want to want my full detailing service (I'm even doing wax cars). What deals should I do?

Best answer: At least one.

Is YouTube down right now, or is it just me?

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YouTube just stopped working?

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Best answer: I Think Its a Russia or POWER HACK if its POWER HACK thats a Emergency Alert System. What Is A Emergency Alert System? Its A TV WARNING WATCH or ATTACK keep watching that to get further info!

Is YouTube down right now?

16 answers · YouTube · 1 week ago
Is the server down for you guys right now?