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Can windows xp still be used in 2019?

20 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago
like can you still use youtube ect.

What exactly would happen if the world internet stopped working?

26 answers · Other - Internet · 6 days ago

How does the Internet enable disguise?

9 answers · Other - Internet · 2 days ago

Does Wikipedia contain ALL information we need?

9 answers · Wikipedia · 2 days ago

Im being stalked by an internet pedophile?

10 answers · Other - Internet · 3 days ago
Best answer: talk to the police about it or cybercrinne

Best answer: Yeah, I do it all the time. I find it quite relaxing for some reason. I guess hearing someones voice gives me a sense of security which helps me sleep.

What are some good video ideas?

4 answers · YouTube · 10 hours ago
I want to put some videos on Youtube but I'm not sure what to do. Please help. Thanks!

So my boss just showed up on my FB "people you may know tab" we have no mutual friends and we're not in any groups on FB. I didn't not google him or facebook him. Does this mean he is facebooking me? It's fine I just wanna know. because it was so weird to see his name on my "people I may... show more

Why does google maps lie?

9 answers · Google · 4 days ago
For quiet some time now, google maps has been displaying incorrect information about my whereabouts. It says that I left work way earlier than I actually did or that I didn’t show up to work until way later than I did. Sometimes it say I never left the house even though I definitely went to work. For some crazy... show more

We broke up nearly a year ago and we haven’t interacted since. The last time we chatted on messenger was over 8 months ago. I never view his page and make a point not to creep on him. Out of sight, out of mind. However, recently his pic has been showing up in my top 6 friends on my FB timeline?? It’s not that big... show more

How does YouTube generate money ?

5 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago
How does YouTube generate money ? My dad told me they need your bank account. & How does YouTube views & pay work ? How much do they pay you ?

Why wont google chrome download on windows 7?

6 answers · Google · 3 days ago

Talking to this man online- but is he getting too personal?

7 answers · Other - Internet · 4 days ago
This is not a dating site I'm talking to him on we're talking on a forum i joined and we've been talking everyday about a month now One day suddenly looked at my inbox there was a message from this bloke Straight away he said his name and i know he is 28 from his username. I am 21 a girl and we are... show more

Any ideas for a fake facebook account?

5 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago