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My mom got the google whole home and now all the porn sites are blocked. I can only get on OPERA and use VPNs. But, will she be able to see the sites I tried to visit?

Why is facebook off line?

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Correct me if I am wrong. Is Google a website that has a search engine embeded to it? Or, is Google just a search engine (not a website). Apparently, my partner is arguing about it.

Should we subscribe to PewDiePie?

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My girlfriends video went viral and mine didn’t. Wtf?

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Me and my girlfriend are always making videos and posting them on youtube, well one of hers happened to go viral, and im really really pissed off about it because none of mine went viral. What do i do?

Would you add random people on Facebook or Snapchat?

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This IS why I love YAHOO Q & A!. Merry Christmas to ALL! SOURCE: Suzy Snowflake - YouTube

I have been blocked from match ?

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Since it is well documented that Google and Facebook are saving and cataloguing everything we do on our phones and the internet, are they including all the nudity pics also? Or do they discard them? Or do they use them in thier “creating a profile” of each of us?

I accidentally ran into child porn on google images and I’m A) scared for my life and B) wondering wtf that stuff is doing on google images

Is it safe to make two Facebook accounts?

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Best answer: yes it is safe

Simple step to use crome as browser ...not firefox?

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Find my google account?

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What s a cool username for someone whose real name is mohammad?

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How can you earn money through youtube?

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