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Why do atheists think they are smarter and better then theists?

11 answers · Programming & Design · 55 mins ago

How do I turn off my windows 10 computer?

11 answers · Software · 12 hours ago

Can windows xp still be used in 2019?

20 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago
like can you still use youtube ect.

Why is my laptop sooo slow?

20 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 days ago
I just got a brand new laptop YESTERDAY and it is so so so slow. It takes about 5 minutes to load chrome and get to the site I am trying to go to. It is 10x slower than the laptop that I am replacing and idk what to do. I got this new one is a gift, do I tell the person in hopes they can return it for another one?... show more

Will dvds and cds be around for a bit yet?

18 answers · Other - Computers · 3 days ago
im just scared of cds and dvds becoming obsolete, as they are one of my main forms of entertainment, as i listen to and burn cds on my desktop computer and watch and burn dvds on my desktop computer too. im not interested in all these modern streaming services as they are worthless and useless to me. Not... show more

Do you leave your desktop on always?

7 answers · Desktops · 12 hours ago
My temps don’t go over 55c, I run a i5 2400, idle ram is around 5-6 gb, and it’s on a ssd and hdd setup. Is leaving it on always ok? I turn it off if I know I’m going to be gone for a few hours but I mainly leave it on for up to 3-4 days at a time with a couple hour break.

What is the python?

6 answers · Programming & Design · 9 hours ago
Best answer: Python is a programming language

What exactly would happen if the world internet stopped working?

26 answers · Other - Internet · 6 days ago

How does the Internet enable disguise?

9 answers · Other - Internet · 2 days ago

What snack can you just not get enough of?

5 answers · Add-ons · 2 hours ago

Does Wikipedia contain ALL information we need?

9 answers · Wikipedia · 2 days ago

Im being stalked by an internet pedophile?

10 answers · Other - Internet · 3 days ago
Best answer: talk to the police about it or cybercrinne

Every now and then, she ask me to print something for her. She thinks that copying a link and pasting it into her email and sending to me will work but it doesn't. I would get links that would look like this and she don't understand why it doesn't work when she can open it through her... show more

Pc crashes, black screen wont turn off?

5 answers · Desktops · 4 days ago
So after months of this happening i got a new psu and it seemed like it got fixed but it started happening again. The pc will run fine then just go black screen and wont turn off. The temps seem fine and theres no overclocking. Gpu is reletivly new only a few years old maybe 2 and the cpu,motherboard, and ram are... show more

How do I get wifi?

8 answers · Computer Networking · 5 days ago
I want to get a wifi set up. Im not very technological, so you might have to explain it so that I understand. I dont even know where to start

i bought a custom built windows 7 desktop computer in September 2015, and since then ive downloaded tons of pictures and music to the c drive, even moved media folders off external hard drives to my computers c drive too, and i keep downloading even now. but as of yet, ive had no notification pop ups telling me... show more

So I was on pornhub and when I clicked on a video it opened another tab that was child porn and I quickly closed it. This morning when I opened chrome it said that my ip address was on file and I was being monitored because they had suspected illegal activity. I closed it but it keeps popping up and I'm... show more

Should I upgrade my 7yr old computer?

19 answers · Desktops · 5 days ago
the computer is a dell insprion 620, I was planning to upgrade the PSU , CPU , and put in a graphics card plus two sticks of 8gb ram. but im starting to think it might be better to get a used gaming computer or atleast a barebone custom case without the dell limitations. what do you guys think?