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Best answer: Sony is the flagship quality brand of electronics especially TV's

Best answer: More than the cost of a new TV. They are built in such a way that screen replacement is nearly impossible. The panel and the controller board are different for virtually every model of tv, so no one really makes replacement screens. You would have to find the original manufacturer of that specific screen, and... show more

Best answer: Repair first. If the cost of repair exceeds the price, then you could get a reconditioned TV, if one is available. Else, New. The Terms of Service are in the contract agreement or warranty contract.

cable and over the air

Back in the 1990s, just about everyone had a tv watchman, it was a radio that could fit in your pocket that had a small tv screen. It was analog so you got pretty much all the channels in, while most were weak signals, they were still watchable. Now they create these portable tv's from other manufacturers,... show more

Hi all, My 1970's CRT TV has some horizontal linearity issues, The picture is wider on the left and more squashed the further to the right of the screen. The TV is compeletely solid state, No valves inside. There's a dial on the back of the unit which says V-Lin and i all ready got it perfect but... show more

Is Sony the best electronics brand?

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Reading up on them is greek to me. I don't have a clue as to what all that stuff means. A lot of the reviews mention gaming which I have no interest in unless it is something that makes the the picture quality better. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

My Smart TVs screen is broke. I was wondering if I could see my TV screen by hooking it up to a HDTV . My smart TV has a USB input where I watched movies from so that's why I'm asking for help thank you !