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I looked up the towing capacity and it is 1500 pounds.

Are Japanese brands going to follow the trend soon too?

2010 Accord EXL have a timing chain or belt?

4 answers · Honda · 19 hours ago

Where is my engine coolant going?

8 answers · Audi · 4 days ago
I have a Audi a6 c5 4.2 ever so often I have to add coolant because the reservoir is near empty I don't see any spots on the ground where it could have leaked also check the oil and and its looks clean as if I just put it in. Where could the coolant be going to?

Are mini coopers reliable ?

9 answers · Other - Car Makes · 4 days ago

Does Ford own Hyundai?

13 answers · Hyundai · 7 days ago

This grommet is rotted out on my trunk and I am having the hardest time finding a replacement. Does anyone know what the official name of the grommet is or even better the part number? I don’t know which years have it but the 99-04s do.

What kind of 2020 jeep wrangler to get?

6 answers · Jeep · 4 days ago

Why is the BMW I8 so cheap?

4 answers · BMW · 3 days ago
For such an exotic looking car you would think even used they would stay around the $100k price range but they are about $60k? I hardly see anyone driving them either are they considered ugly?

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300

How much are toyota corolla with sunroof?

5 answers · Toyota · 4 days ago
Best answer: $3,282.68 There will be an extra charge to fill it with gas - approx $45.00

Converting a van to a living space thoughts?

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