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Why do people stare when I'm driving a truck?

13 answers · Ford · 2 days ago
Is it odd for a 22 year old girl to drive a truck? Btw its my dads ford f150 not a big deal but it makes me so uncomfortable but driving a truck is so effing comfortable

I'm get a used dodge intrepid tomorrow that has 150,000 miles on it. I live in Minnesota. What oil do I use?

What kind of car should I get, chevy, ford, Nissan...?

12 answers · Chevrolet · 3 days ago

What does IPA stand for?

11 answers · Tata · 3 days ago

Car brakes acting up?

6 answers · Fiat · 9 hours ago

My trucks heater quit turning on?

5 answers · GMC · 1 day ago
So my trucks heater recently stopped turning on. Before, i would run over a bump and it would kick on, but its not even doing that anymore. Also i would kick under the passenger side dash, but got nothing. What do you think the problem is? Also its a 96 GMC Sonoma

What is the cost of hyundai Verna in your country ?

6 answers · Hyundai · 12 hours ago

Do Atheists know that matter was made by God? If they think there was a "big bang" who do they think made the dynamite, built the bomb, and lit the fuse?

What is a Neon Sign that is (Not LED)?

5 answers · Dodge · 11 hours ago

'03 Jeep Liberty will not go in reverse?

6 answers · Jeep · 2 days ago
I got high centered in a snow drift and couldn't back out. It goes in all other gears and shifts into reverse but only revs up like its in neutral. It is at a shop but looking for what it could have been and quotes for fixing it?? *2003 Jeep Liberty, automatic, 190*** miles, good on fluids*

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just like if Tina Fey became president?

15 answers · Other - Politics & Government · 6 days ago