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In Golders Green, London...Jewish school kids and their mums are attacked by Muslim school kids and also adults, getting out of cars, when they see their cap, on the street walking home from school In France and Belgium police guarding Synagogues are stabbed in the neck by Muslim asylum seekers

Best answer: Hello, I am deeply apologetic that your friend of choice has participated in these horrid occurrences. Please choose one of the following options to resolve your conflict. 1) Politely tell her to stop. Make her understand it is simply wrong to be calling someone currently in a close; best friendship that they are... show more

Best answer: I think Finland is awesome. Scandinavian countries are home to some of the warmest people. I'm not trolling- I always suggest that American White Nationalists visit there to get a better sense of a homogenous neo-socialist (Nordic Model) society. Because there's no sense in trying to turn the most... show more

Basically change NYC's skyline forever

Best answer: Of course it's okay. England is a multicultural country, you see people of all countries and accents around here. Specially around London! Stop overthinking, it's unnecessary. No one will judge you for being from somewhere else or having an American accent. I love american accents btw!

What are you bringing to the J&R Thanksgiving feast?

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Best answer: Generally yes , but Old Coward of course is the exception.

Best answer: DEFINITELY on top!

Best answer: It must be the royal people, who else could it be?

Why are there Sikhs and Hindus in the EDL?

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Best answer: Trump never learns.. He will keep make bµll$hits...

Best answer: No. Charles is 70 already. Canada has never appointed a king that old, ever! Makes no sense to start now.

Best answer: Most are hoping he will have to Not be king and hand it ti Willian.

Best answer: Well she's hardly a shrinking violet. many believe she's in love, but maybe she had an eye on the main prize all along. its hard to tell with these people.

Would you get onto a 737 if offered a free flight?

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Best answer: Sure, I'd feel a lot safer flying that I would visiting America.

When I turn 18, I want to move out of the UK and move to Australia, However the problems are as follows... Poor family (so will have hardly any money moving over maybe around 2k) I won’t have a job straight away as I want to move over there to train to be a fire fighter! And I won’t have a place to stay or anything... show more

Best answer: Because they can have sex with black men. In Russia, inter-racial relationships are not acceptable.