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God is_____?

132 answers · People with Disabilities · 2 days ago
God is the way of life

Are christians brainwashed?

47 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 2 days ago

Which political party is more moral and decent?

83 answers · Mythology & Folklore · 2 days ago
Best answer: Democrats, easily.

New believer in Christ question about Sex?

19 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 11 hours ago
So I've been with my fiancé now almost 4 years and we have lived together since then! I recently just became born again. He has not. And we've obviously had a sexual life and all since we were both not saved then. My question is now that I am saved am I supposed to stop this? I know in the Bible it says no... show more

If God is real why does he not appear?

49 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 2 days ago
Give reasonable reasons

Best answer: (Psalm 83:18) “18 May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.” (Luke 1:31, 32) “. . .and you are to name him Jesus. 32 This one will be great and will be called Son of the Most High,. . .” According to scripture, Jesus is the Son of the Most High whose name is... show more

Im not gay but i like gay sex?

23 answers · Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered · 1 day ago

Why can't we see God?

164 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 4 days ago
Give reasonable reasons

Why am i afraid to die though am saved?

66 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 2 days ago

What will atheists do when Catholics take over earth?

28 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 13 hours ago

How could God command genocide in the old testament?

20 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 17 hours ago
Best answer: Most of the Bible is fiction. Think of it as "Game of Thrones."

Best answer: When in doubt, go to the source of the teachings. You will find excellent articles supporting the Roman Catholic teachings about the extra grace given to Mary (Immaculate Conception) and similar topics here: Don't listen to Protestant expositions about... show more

True/false: Jesus Christ hated nobody?

13 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 10 hours ago

What is the atheist god like?

22 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 8 hours ago