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Best answer: Good thing it's not up to you a) what Obama says and b) what Biden does. P.S. you're nuts.

If Joe Biden decides to run for president in 2020, do you think he will win the democratic nomination to go up against Trump? If not, who do you think will win the democratic nomination?

Is the MAGA has the new white hood?

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Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter saying that the MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat is the new white hood, do you agree or disagree with her statement?

Do you think Alyssa Milano is a communist?

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Are you enjoying the federal shutdown?

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It makes me happy. It makes me smile ☺. Most of these workers aren't needed and the positions should be eliminated from the workers that quit. I hope it lasts much longer and the EBT cards and Section 8 is cut off. When the rioting and looting starts we Real Americans can put the Second Amendment to good... show more

Do you agree the MAGA hat is the new white hood?

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Why does President Trump dislike immigrants?

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Best answer: Fear of brown skin. You'll note he was okay with immigrants from Norway.

Best answer: I predicted last October that he would resign this March. I still believe that

This guy just scammed $20 million out of MagaTrumper wallets and will get away with it via the 'investing' of the money into 'high profile private Republican funds'. Why is always down to Dems to act like the grownups and fix conservative problems?

Will Donald Trump be reelected?

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Best answer: I doubt it but you never know.

The MAGA Teens Aren’t Innocent Victims https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019...

What is the problem with Nancy Pelosi?

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Best answer: She is an unamerican globalist and wants to see the One World Government happen. She wants to ban guns and insert "hate speech" laws. She is against the constitution and America as we know it. The Patriots of America will not let her bring us down. As long as freedom and liberty exist, we will always be... show more

What is the best thing America has ever done?

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Best answer: Scientific breakthroughs.However,I think if you had a list of what america has done well and what it has done bad....America would be going to the bad fire,if it does indeed exist.

Is Donald Trump the Anti-Christ?

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