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A month ago my dog was stolen out of my backyard. I made a police report but that is the farthest it went. A week ago, a neighbor who lives a block and a half a way was out walking the exact same dog I had. A female terrier mix. When the dog saw me, she started lunging toward me, jumping and I knew then it was... show more

I witnessed my horrible neighbors shoot and kill a cat for absolutely no reason. I wanted my husband to tell them off and get the poor thing so we could bury it but he said it was on the mans property so he can’t do anything. I find that horrible and want to know if it’s something I can report to the police as... show more

What can I do about this constant trespassing cat?

18 answers · Cats · 13 hours ago
I have caught it harassing the birds that visit my yard and have found some nasty suprises when I garden. Ive tried turning the hose on it and rattling a noisy can filled with little rocks but so far this big fat thing isn't getting the message!! It bolts when it sees me but I can't be out there 24 7 you... show more

Why do animals love us when no one else does?

33 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago

Opinions on feeding a dog raw?

24 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago

My boyfriend’s dog is gross?

13 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
Best answer: She seems a little on the old side. But the older the better! Dogs are just like humans. She must be in a lot of pain...they can get anxiety as well. You should really take her to the vet and see what it is. Training her would be really hard since she is old. There is something really wrong with her butt. Maybe she... show more

Why are dogs more loyal than cats?

11 answers · Cats · 17 hours ago
Best answer: Some cats are funny that way. I had a cat who was always glad to see me even if I went on vacation. She always was glad to see me when I returned. My mother had a cat who would get upset if she went away and the cat gave my mom the cold shoulder treatment until the cat "forgave" my mom. As long as one... show more

Is My Neighbours Cat Neglected?

15 answers · Cats · 2 days ago
Hi, My neighbours cat is always round our house. Not complaining because it's adorable. because it's round so often we decided to buy it some food and leave a bowl of milk in the conservatory for it. I've noticed that the cat downs the milk and food within minutes. I've also noticed that if we... show more

Where can I find a onesie for my dog?

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Luna is a Zuchon and she has her menstrual. With each cycle she becomes more stubborn about leaving her pamper on. I need to put a onesie on her that does not have an opening at the crotch so that it can cover her pamper so that she can t take it off. I tried buy 9-month old onsies and they didn t fit properly in... show more

Best answer: Neither. Both are very high shedding dogs. Both are demanding dogs in the sense you must keep them active and train them from day one as they are dominate type of dogs and need a strong leader. And both breeds (huskys more so) need a lot of exercise every day or they become neurotic and can become aggressive.

Can I get my dog back?

13 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
My dad’s been having some problems in his house, so he asked me if I could take care of his two dogs. They’ve been with us since June, but my family has complained almost every single day that one of the dogs barks too much. I put a collar on him and he stopped for a month, but my boss needed it for her rescue so I... show more

Pregnant chihuahua has dark discharge?

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Dog bite and rabbies?

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