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Best answer: Simply because most of them are in the pockets of the polluters, when Obama was in power he said very openly that climate change was the biggest immediate threat to mankind and he was right, but what did he do? He signed a weak agreement that the next president tore up, that's because its all he could get... show more

I really wish that I lived in Germany in 1933 to 1945?

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Best answer: Me too.

Best answer: The bigger road-worthy ones have to. I think they should all be insured and clearly marked. Anyone who can't stop riding their bike on the pavement should be marked the same way too.

Are you brainwashed by the media?

25 answers · Media & Journalism · 2 days ago
How could you tell if you are or not?

Best answer: In the long run, "independent" Britain will a dependency of the US, like Japan or the Philippines.

Best answer: No. It makes people stupid. I had a good friend who ended up a giggling moron with no memory after three years of smoking.

What is your stance on the Israel-Palestine situation?

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Best answer: All civilisations and racial groups involved should die out (meaning they should abandon tribalistic mentality and all efforts at continuity). This would end the pointless misery and bloodshed permanently. There is no logical reason for any of the tribes to continue existing, as they have no uniquely desirable... show more

Who is the best choice for Democratic nominee for President for 2020?

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1. Bernie Sanders 2. Kamala Harris 3. Joe Biden 4. Hillary Clinton 5. Stacey Abrams 6. Cory Booker 7. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 8. Adam Schiff 9. Julian Castro 10. Other

How come CNN never apologizes for their lies?

34 answers · Media & Journalism · 3 days ago
Whether people have a negative opinion about someone or not, they shouldn’t go as far as to lie on the news. There’s always brainless nutjobs who believe in them.

What labels aimed at you do you find the most offensive?

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Is Daily Mail a far-right newspaper?

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Best answer: Lord Kerr, the former UK ambassador to the European Union who played a key role in drafting the Article 50 legal mechanism for a country to leave the EU, is firmly of the opinion that Brexit could be reversed at any time up to 29 March 2019. He has accused Theresa May of misleading the public with her claim it is... show more

Best answer: Wikipedia was never reliable. It can be edited by anyone, so you can if you want right now go to any article, put wrong stuff and publish it.

Over red wines and truffle I watched the channel 4 interview of Tony Martin. A lovely man caught up in a terrible situation. Do you approve of him shooting them robbers during 1999. I wish I were there that night and I'd have fed them filth to my pet wolves and then buy Mr Martin the finest martini. I still... show more

Why are most British left-wingers so unpatriotic?

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Best answer: They've been dumbed down through education under Tony Blairs leadership and in turn they have infected their own kids with the brainwash.

Why do black people think the world owe them something?

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They didn't suffer, it was the poor souls many of decades ago that suffered and now they spitting on everything they fought for by acting the way they are.

Best answer: I’m not surprised