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The only time he likes to talk is when he is not happy about something in the house and wants to blame her for that.She cooks every day and does the other housework. My friend is working and he says,you have to put your income completely in joint account,But You are not allowed to have cash.Unless I let you.You... show more

How do I make it seem like I need protein powder for school?

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My dad gave me his credit card and told me to order school supplies. I accidentally ordered over a gallon of protein powder because I had put it in my shopping cart as a joke. What school related thing can I tell my dad its for? it was 70 dollars

Best answer: It wouldn't be rude, but they might think it's weird. It depends on what kind of friendship you have as well as other factors. Has it been a long time since you've seen each other, is it their birthday or another occasion when gift giving is acceptable? etc. And another thing, just dropping in on... show more

If I’m married and my husband and I are separated but I’m pregnant do I legally have to put him on the child’s birth certificate or give the baby his last name if I took his last name?

Will my baby have my husband's last name?

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I am pregnant after my visit to my husband in Africa. I live and work in the US but my husband isn't here and won't be here during the delivery of our baby. I still want his last name on the birth certificate and also I want our baby to have his last name . Will this be possible even though he isn't... show more

My bf and I are long distance at this time. He planned a trip to Vegas with his friends without telling me until he booked the ticket. I got upset because every single time he went on vacation without, he cheated. Last vacation he went to, he cheated w a random girl unprotected. They carried on talking for... show more

Man online who wants to meet me in a hotel?

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I asked a question about this the other day. 21 year old girl he is 28. I never actually wanted to meet him in the first place, in fact i don't even fancy him, its just that since we have a connection online it seemed natural. I've been trying to fob him off best I can about this hotel meeting but it... show more

Best answer: If it happens again, yes. Porn addiction/obsession/habit is a really difficult thing to break, but if he has you and you're willing to have sex with him (and it sounds like you are), there isn't really any reason for him to have those pics. Unless it's something you both like to get things started...

I still got all my gifts but we were meant to invite people over for burgers and cake. It had to be cancelled. Why cancel?it’s not going to make a difference to grandma being gone. My mom had already made the burgers so they’re in the refrigerator, and my dad is with his family at the hospital I think. My mom could... show more

Am I too oversensitive or are my feelings normal?

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Im 35, female, single with no kids. Ive always been very quiet/not had great social skills/have preferred my own company so I guess it is odd that I'm not settled down by now. Anyway I do get crushes on men but don't tell anyone. My issue is if I can't be with them for whatever reason I feel secretly... show more

Is this common?

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I'm female and I have never been catcalled or sexually harassed in any way. I don't pay attention to where I go any time of the day. I always go out walking at night alone. Nothing has ever happened. I don't have any experience with men so I have never had any relationship problems that every girl my... show more

Should I lose my virginity?

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Best answer: You just described how many younger couples first start sexual pleasuring, and you know he is trustworthy, and likely will enjoy keeping things simple, and pleasurable. I know for a fact a couple can enjoy full loss of virginity as friends, and not be a love affair. It has more to do with comfort, trusting each... show more

How do guys feel about virgins?

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I told my daughter to stop bullying other people (including dogs too) and she said I’m in no place to tell her what to do. I quickly begged her, and she was furious so she went into my cabinet. The first thing she saw was an old $10 dollar. She cut it into shredded pieces and angrily threw it on the floor - telling... show more

My ex-husband and I divorced when our daughter "Liz" was 8 years old, w/my ex moving out of state & spending occasional time with Liz. I remarried when Liz was 11. My new husband "Ed" and Liz never formed a father-daughter bond, but got along. Right after starting her senior year in high... show more

My sister in law is mobidly obese. She doesn't seem to be serious about doing anything. She is suppose to get surgery but she keeps not meeting the expectation/requirements before getting the surgery (diet, exercise, some weight loss proof). Her brothers live with her and some other people but they are doing... show more

In you’re honest opinion, is it odd to be a virgin at 17?

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