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Okay so i moved in with my girlfriend 5 months ago and during these 5 months i realized how selfish she is. She will cook dinner but only cook for her and her daughter leaving me to find food and cook for myself. We split the rent but the other bills i pay including my personal bills like my car payment car... show more

What are the strangest places you have had sex?

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Why do women get into prostitution?

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How long have you been with your partner? Was it a good decision? Are you both happy? What is the key to your success - or your downfall?

Should I date him?

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So I’m 15 year old girl and a freshman. This guy who I really like is going to ask me out tomorrow (friend told me he said so) and basically this guy sleeps with girls quite frequently and I’m a virgin. I’m not ready to have sex yet and I don’t know if he would understand. Should I say yes to him?

Why am I such a slut?

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Best answer: Well in my opinion I believe you should let that special someone come to you and you should love yourself first because not everyone is gonna Respect you and your needs and it's very rare when a guy really cares about you just remembered that

Best answer: Embarrass him about it. When someone is in earshot, say "What are you staring at? Is there something wrong with my blouse?" If he doesn't answer, press him. C'mon Jim, what's going on? Was there a bug on me or something? Why were you staring at the front of my blouse? Tell me!" He either... show more

Would a guy like a cannon ball or squatting?

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Married man I met online has been paying me 100 dollars per photo of me in white panties. I don't show my face, when I send him the photos he sends me the cash- quickly- like minute later. He like natural poses, loves moisture in the panty, I pull my legs to my chest to show outline of my vagina, sometimes I... show more

what are your opinions on this ?

My wife's son (21) lost his apartment because he got fired from his job last week. My wife decided to voluntarily invite him to live with us. we get along okay. but my wife babies him to death. We live in a 3 bedroom house and we've been living together for a week now and he hasnt even tried to get a job.... show more

What's the point of marriage?

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Let's say I love a woman and that woman loves me. Isn't that all that matters? Why do we need to prove it to society?

How do you overcome personal addictions.?

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Do you Agree Marriage & sex should be Between a man and woman?

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How to confront husband about something I read in his texts?

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I haven't gone through my husbands phone since we first started dating (3 years ago) and I don't know why I did today but, I noticed he told one of his friends that I am a f***ing c*nt. We don't fight and he acts like everything is fine between us. I want to let him know that I know what he said about... show more

Im ugly so should i not aspire to be anything?

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Im in high school got no friends and my peers tell me im ugly. I got 3 friends on Instagram while everyone else has over 1000...ive heard ppl say. O no hes ugly dont talk to him many times. I see all the attractive ppl going out, filling their college applications and living a full life. Im not really good at... show more

Is it ok for a 19 year old girl to date a 15 year old boy?

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I am a 32 years old straight guy.

Why do men need to ask their wife's permission before going out?

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Help me. I’m at a loss at what to do?

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Best answer: This is really tough and awkward. I would try to get rid of him anyway you can because it doesn't seem too normal