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T or F - You are older than 30?

17 answers · 1 day ago

My mom tells me I should wear one. I just want some input Thank you,

Best answer: Kinda true

Can a boy use this bag for school?

7 answers · 14 hours ago

Hello, I’m leaving tomorrow for Dublin from New York. Can’t figure out for life of me what I should wear. I’m going with my boyfriend fiancé. It’s going to be 67 degrees in New York and 56 degrees in Dublin when we arrive. I can’t figure out what to wear . A dress .. a skirt.. sandals.. sneakers.. adidas leggings... show more

Best answer: maybe save up for money and buy her a sweatshirt she would like that isnt cropped

Do I look good in a bikini?

7 answers · 5 hours ago

What to wear on hot rainy days?

7 answers · 10 hours ago
Its going to be hot tomorrow with scattered thunderstorms. I also have to work in this weather and I don't own any rain pants. Last time it stormed while I was working, I wore jeans and ultimately they got soaked and my coworkers were afraid I'd get sick from wearing wet pants. Do you think athletic shorts... show more

Best answer: False. Can be but not always.

Does this look look good on guys. Here's what I'm planning to wear: Black hoodie Grey shorts Black socks Any advice?

Which top should I wear today?

20 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Ooothe one of the left classic chic.