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Can i wear overalls at 17?

33 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: you can wear overalls. you honestly wear whatever you want as long as it doesnt inconvenience people. you'll never be able to get EVERYBODY to like the way you look, so why bother asking a bunch of random people online? break the rules and just be yourself :) be confident

Even if I budget for it appropriately, would it be considered a bad use of my limited funds? Would this be viewed as a a “low income person choosing to make self poor” move?

Do you like my dress?

8 answers · 10 hours ago

Best answer: No. This is an old saw that continues to be promoted by overly religious people. So, if that is true, why do men get raped in prison? Was his orange jumpsuit just a bit too snug? Was the zipper lowered too much? Grow a brain, people.

Do you like this bag?

7 answers · 18 hours ago
Best answer: yes i do as i find it rather nice

like meundies and victorias secret even tho they are victorias secret

My mom was telling me to fetch some groceries and she handed me a 20. I just folded it and crammed it down my cleavage because my leggings didn’t have pockets. My mom laughed when she saw me do that and told me it looks cheesy. I really didn’t get what she meant; it’s been a nifty place for me and I’ve never lost... show more

I'm a 23 year old female. I have a petite pear shaped body. My shoulders are very small & low & sloop downward, & my back & rib cage are very tiny too. I'm around 5' 3" & 110 lbs, although even when I gain weight it goes right to my butt & thighs & nowhere else. I... show more

I was just wondering if there are any shops in South Australia where you can go and put on pantyhose and tights that they have?