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What animal went in your stomach today?

56 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 2 days ago
What little critter sacrificed its tasty self to end up on your plate and in your belly?

Am I a bad person for eating veal (baby cow)?

28 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 1 day ago
They taste so good but they get slaughtered so young. I eat veal like every second day but feel a little guilty. But they're going to die eventually, right?

What is your favorite beverage?

23 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 18 hours ago
My favorite beverage is: Water, Orange juice, Snapple fruit punch, Snapple apple flavor, Goya Mango Nectar, gold peak sweet tea, Starbucks vanilla frappuccino, Vita Malt, and Malta Guinness.

Is it wrong to hang a raw turkey on my porch?

15 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 7 hours ago
I want to protest this Thanksgiving. I won a free turkey at my church and I'm not going to cook it but hang it on a rope on my porch until Christmas.

Are you going to eat pig or turkey for Thanksgiving?

18 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 20 hours ago

What animal did you eat today?

23 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 2 days ago
In detail. Did you enjoy it? Did you feel bad for the critter that ended up in your stomach?

Do people still eat animals?

32 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 3 days ago
I thought people gave up animals long ago but man on internet said he eats meat. I'm Indian and everyone don't eat meat here.

Are you able to cook?

21 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 2 days ago

Is an egg a fruit or a vegetable ?

16 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 1 day ago

Did you know that no amount of alcohol is good for human consumption?

28 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 3 days ago

WHY do vegans seem to think they are better than everybody else?

66 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 4 days ago

And they would disown you if you didn't become one. And assume that they're alive

Is 12 to young to get drunk or high?

12 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 11 hours ago

Can vegans eat bugs?

27 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 3 days ago
bc theyre not animals

Why do some people put hot sauce on their potato chips?

42 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 4 days ago

The oil has been sitting in several jars in the basement since last year. I think the idea of using old oil is just disgusting. I want to go buy new peanut oil. He thinks we should use the oil we used last year. I would be afraid to use it. Its old and disgusting. I will bake my turkey rather than use oil... show more

How do you make simple white bread?

10 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 9 hours ago

I ate undercooked fish?

20 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 3 days ago
My dad made salmon and as I was eating it, I noticed it was pretty pink and I don’t cook much so I wasn’t sure if it was undercooked. Asked my dad and it was. He cooked it for a about 10 minutes and only the middle was pink. Should I be worried?

GIRLFRIEND drinking 4 glasses of wine per day. Deal Breaker?

12 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 1 day ago
Would you leave your gf if she's drinking an average of 4 glases of wine a day? She doesn't get drunk, she is sort of used to it and says her family and where she comes from in northern europe its normal...