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Best answer: When I was 24, Jimmy Carter was President. He was such a shitty President, I became a lifelong Republican.

Best answer: Please make your question more clear.

Best answer: There is a difference between downloading free music and downloading music for free, if you know what I mean. If the music is free, then you can share it with a free conscience, but if you got it for free then you can still share it but your conscience might nag you.

Best answer: Tell them if its not taken off your credit and stop bothering you then your going to sue. And as ling as you have proof you paid do it if they don't

Best answer: A will is generally written in a way that does not allow this to happen. So, for example, a person might state that his house goes to Miss Shackup per stirpes. That would mean that if Miss Shackup dies before the person who made the will her descendents will receive whatever was to come to her. Otherwise the... show more

Do mean girls exist?

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Best answer: Yes, definitely. They’re kind of rare, only to be found in cities where parents usually have lots of money and spoil them rotten. That’s how they’re snobby. I work with a girl like that. Lucky I’m never scheduled with her, but I always hear complaints from management.

Best answer: Smaller companies often offer fewer benefits packages and fewer (or no) retirement benefits. But being in a smaller community can offer a much less stressful environment with lower costs for everything from housing to food. If you are okay with having only one Walmart in your community (for example) then living... show more

What is more valuable to employers a+ or associates degree. I just want to do tech support for a career. I did a college program but I only earned a certificate and not a degree. I don't think I can get a bachelor's degree as that would be too hard for me due to my disability. I want to know what the best... show more

I have to drop out of highschool.?

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Hi, Im 17 amd in the 10th grade. My parents are kicking me out of the house at 18 and I dont know what to do. I literally have nowhere to go to finish highschool. Obviously, my graduation year would be when im 19 but having being kicked out at 18, i dont know how life will go. Im so scared and im not sure what to... show more

Ever since I was little, I have had a drive to accomplish my next goal. First it was high school, then buying my dream car, buying a house and paying it off. Years pass and I am now 28 years old, and I work at Walmart in Electronics. I make 13.75 a hour, I own my house, (4 bedroom and fairly big) ,have three cars,... show more

Its a casual contract for a housekeeping position so what should i wear? I was planning on going formal with the suit and tie but people around me are saying its too formal?

Best answer: Not really

Is it reasonable to invest heavily in it and expect a huge fortune after a few years or decades?