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I am a 21 year old women. Currently I am a visual arts student. My marks are in the 80s. My dream is to be a clothing designer (designing wedding dresses and prom dresses). But the fashion program is very small and only 12 students with the highest marks that have applied get in. So I'm exploring my other... show more

Best answer: There's almost no chance of this. Most chemotherapy methods render a woman infertile. Doctors usually ask the woman if she wants to freeze her eggs in advance of the chemotherapy because radiation will cause infertility. In many cases, the first step in treatment is to remove the reproductive organs so the... show more

Studying strategies?

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Best answer: use the pomodoro timer, it divides your studying up into conquerable sections. Also it helps a lot to study in a study enviroment. Like school or a library. For me personally, I feel too relaxed at home.

What if mankind did not exist?

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My great grandfather was a jewish military police officer. I found two german swastica badges in his “important belongings” draw. Just curious as to why he would have these.

* Shaving the armpit As it was showed in the last times the necessity of shaving private organs for every forty days, as well as clipping the nails, the talk of today is not less important than the previous, it’s shaving the armpit. unlike the matter of shaving private organs "Penis-Pussy" and clipping... show more

Do professors usually curve grades?

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So I just finished the work for my sociology class- a little background, I kinda messed up this year. I missed my midterm. It was a terrible mistake and honestly I was dumb. But I maintained B s and A s on all my other assignments, and I m still only going to end the year with a 77 (calculated by me, based off of... show more

I'm 28

Best motivation?

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Best answer: Find a hobby, Develop some daily healthy habits.

Our heads. My question is, why? I feel more comfortable with a hat/hood on my head so what's the problem? I wear them anyways but teacher says that I have to take that off afterwards.