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Best answer: it started with racist democrats, and tenth left started using all those things to divide everyone and not have to discuss real issues and facts. since the truth is not on their side they just call people racist and sexist

Best answer: i would leave her alone, shes not doing anything that bad

So my senior year history teacher is my little sisters study hall teacher... Me and that teacher did NOT get along, but I thought we ended the year on a good note. This was 4 years ago. My sister was in her study hall, and the teacher was asked by another student which student was the worst for her... To my... show more

Can teachers smoke at school?

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Like at breaks, can teachers go out and smoke? like cigarettes? obviously there are teachers who are smokers. Can they do it inside the school if no students are around?

I’m a level 3 qualified in early years education and I’m doing a BA (Honours) Education Studies (Primary) degree through the open uni then doing further teaching training to get my qualified teacher status but I I have no Maths GCSE can I still be one?

Best answer: rnaybe you should rernind her school's over

Bad behaviour school?

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I’m a teacher in a secondary school and I am sick to death of the continuous bad behaviour, bad attitude and lack of learning going on in my classes. The misbehaviour is at at all time high. Every student has some problem with being able to behave themselves. I am finding myself continuesly screaming or shouting at... show more

My teacher always loses my work?

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Best answer: tell the principal

Best answer: "What kind of school do you work in ?"

Is this bad to do??

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Best answer: I think pre-making formula is not a good idea. Those need to be used within the first few hours of opening. Refrigerated or not.

Do you want to be my friend?

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Best answer: I'm not your friend buddy!

Best answer: Any mundane job. I am as worthless as a snake on a snow day when I don't enjoy what I'm doing. I have never held a job for more than 3-4 months outside of my current one, which I've held down for.. 7 years? I can't stick with something I don't like.

Best answer: Yes. Facebook is not the real world.

What's up? ;)?

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What is the machine called that teachers use to like shrink wrap papers so that they are floppy but durable. I need to email my teacher to ask her to use hers and I cant think of the name of the machine

Best answer: Aww, nooo little, bas@ss kitties. Please don't be shooting me.

Teacher threatens her class,,,?

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One of my teachers threatens us that if we do bad in our exams she will hit us and beat us up with sticks. She shows clear favoritism and doesn't help students that need help, she helps the higher students even though there are students that need more help. This isn't only to my class she treats all her... show more