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Every day, my 15-year-old son's Phys. Ed. class plays basketball while the teacher does nothing but keep score. If they misbehave: volleyball. If I'm not mistaken, the Physical Education curriculum consists of not just basketball, but... volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, softball, rope-climbing, push-ups,... show more

Ok so a teacher I don’t like gave me summer school and she would fail me on purpose because she always said that my essays and document based questions and whatever I handed her were bad and other teachers always said that my essays and document based questions were good before I had her as a teacher.She always... show more

"I don't remember have putting car's key on the desk"? also would using "having" be the correct way? like in: I don't remember having putting car's key on the desk?

Teachers: Who do I talk to?

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I'm a special ed assistant and I worked in an elementary school last year. I prefer to work with the secondary students. Who do I need to talk to about that and what is the likelihood they will transfer me?

I’m 14 years old a recently I’ve gotten a new piano teacher. She’s a lot more experienced then my old one which makes me even more nervous. Before every piano lesson I feel as though I’ll disappoint her or something. Like I’m wasting my parents money. Believe me I love playing the piano but playing in front of... show more

So (almost) everyone in highschool I get along with and on good terms with. However, there is one teacher that I felt has been rude to me most of the time in high school and offended me several times. I didn t take any revenge to avoid school consequences. But at my graduation (after all students get their diploma... show more

in the phrase "joy full heart" is that possible to give the following interpretation: 1 - a heart full of joy, having joy as adjective and full heart as noun? 2 - Or joy with your heart full, denoting to say be happy with all your heart? would those inferences be reasonable?

Let s say there s a student with a setback in her writing. She s a quiet kid in the class and does well in math, but her writing problem is a major problem. So the teacher keeps her (and other students) from doing the things other students are doing during the fun days until she meets her teacher s criteria. As the... show more

I know "He admitted raping me" is, but I don't think the add of "To have" breaks the logic am i right?

"He admitted to rape me" I know it is readable, but was told something is wrong i guess grammatically. what is it?

What is a heterotroph?

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This teaching strategy requires the teacher to set up learning activities that enable students to work in fluid pairs or in groups towards the same goal.

Best answer: Hi explanation is key so that a student understands the process.

Best answer: It's the Dunning-Kruger effect. The less you know, the more you think you know, and the least educated and informed are the most certain that they know exactly what's going on.