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I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm wondering when are we allowed to apply and how many scholarships can we apply for?

My classes start Fall 2018 but I was thinking to switch to Jan 2019 instead because of financial issues other personal things.

Higher Education: What do I say?

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Best answer: Your advisors are there to advise you. You would think that someone in a doctoral program would know that. Maybe you should have an adult conversation with your advisors and ask for some advice based on your situation. I can't possibly imagine how getting an answer from anonymous people on the internet could... show more

Student loan co-signer question?

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I’ve done community college for a year and a half after this coming fall. I’m trying to transfer to a four year college in the spring. I’m going to have to take out a student loan with my parents co signing i would take out a loan for two years 49,000 total but 24,000 per year. My parents credit score isn’t bad... show more

I am a recent graduate from Stanford and have racked up the said amount. I am very stressed out about this because I know I'm probably never going to pay this back. Yes I know it's a ridiculous amount of student debt, but I can't give you a good reason why it's so high other than I was stupid with... show more

Best answer: No. Federal regulations require that the student have a high school diploma or the equivalent in order to be eligible for aid, but whether you have a diploma or some other type of credential (such as a GED) does not affect the amount of aid you receive in any way.

Best answer: It depends.

I am a college student and live on my own and i work part time and make only 28,000 a year or even less sometimes .. I tried to apply for medicaid but they said i make too much to be eligible and thus I do not have any insurance . If i apply for private health insurance will i get it cheaper based on my income or... show more

I'm going to a University away from the home my parents live (living with 5 other roommates). My parents don't support me financially. I have no source of income and plan on paying for school via financial aid and Student Loans. I'm currently 19 years old and in the past, (when I was in community... show more

So I graduated from high school and got a full ride scholarship to a community college based on my high school gpa. The scholarship is a last dollar scholarship meaning whatever financial aid doesn’t cover the scholarship would pay for the remainder of tuition and books. I’m at the Fafsa verification process which... show more

College Loan issues.?

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So, I have an outstanding debt of 2100 dollars with my old college, it is not loan debt, I ve been paying it off over a couple years so I can re attend and finish my degree. However, I cannot apply for Financial aid to cover it, or FAFSA because I have to be enrolled. Is there a way to overcome this so I can attend... show more

Best answer: How many scholarships have you applied for? There are hundreds. Keep applying to more and more every day until you get all the money you need. Go here to see all scholarships:

I’m trying to get a degree in a science related field that is very tough and usually takes someone with no responsibilities 4-5 yrs to graduate. For me, it will take about 6 because I have children and I have no help whatsoever with them. I will be working part time at their daycare so that they can stay at the one... show more

Long story short, I completed my first year and a half of college nine years ago. After that I decided to take some time off, which ended up being almost nine years. I had taken out two loans for the first go (I believe one was the Stafford). After being out of school, my student loan provider started collecting... show more

My boyfriend and I will be moving to another state with his parents soon and I plan to attend college there. My parents have never lived there, will I be able to get in-state tuition or do my parents have to live there too?

Best answer: We make a lot more than 70,000 Annually. Amd my kids got government student loans and finanacial aid. So you work for a year. How much can you make. You need to go four years. So four years of tuiton, fees, and books. One year off isn’t going to pay for all that. It is unfortunate that most students do need to... show more