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After years of stressing, pulling my hair out, not enjoying my life even a little bit, and severe depression, I've decided that I probably don't want to go to college/university. After next year, I'm graduating. I'll be 16, and I'll have to figure out what I want to do with my life by then or my... show more

Best answer: Good for her.

Best answer: What could possibly be "wrong" with pursuing nursing if that's what you want? And be grateful you have no kids yet because nursing is a tough go & you really cannot devote the time & effort to developing your career when you have 24/7 responsibilities elsewhere. Get on with it & good luck!

Best answer: Most don't. The average student loan debt is less than $30,000. Hardly anyone pays "full sticker price" tuition; most receive grants, scholarships, and other financial aid. Those that do usually have parents that can afford it without relying on massive loans. And the average salary for a college... show more

Is a pharmacist considered a Dr?

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Just curious of I become one should I expect people to address me by Dr.

I will attend community college this fall. I feel like living at home still but going to community college for 2 years is still like high school. Is it any different from that?

I've been working and going to college for the past 2 years. Lately, working 5 days a week and classes two days a week I'm still finding myself SO behind in my classes. I'm 100 percent committed to school and it is my top priority. But working has allowed me to pay my phone bill etc. I have a lot of... show more

Do college essays really matter?

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Best answer: No. Take fifteen or at most sixteen credits per semester for your entire first year (first fall and spring semesters). College is a lot different than high school. Unlike in high school, where the teacher basically tells you everything you need to know, in college most of the work is done outside of class. You... show more

Best answer: Bill Clinton attended Oxford as part of the Rhodes scholar program in the late sixties. Women were not eligible for this program at the time. That said I do think that Bill is more intelligent. He's a better politician at least.

Best answer: Children were never allowed to experience disappointment nor failure.

So I m in college and I have a class that is from 8 to 10:40 AM and there s a delayed start and classes prior to 10 AM are cancelled. Am I expect to show up at 10 or??

How to finish college faster?

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How can I finish college faster I have 31 classes left 93 credit hours left. I will be graduating in 2021.

Would it be possible to attend both a college course at a college like U of Michigan and also take a training program to become a dental assistant at the same? These training programs normally last a year and take at least 4 days a week of classes along with the required externship. I d want to take both of these... show more