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Best answer: yes, i like delicious money.

Best answer: Federal money for the rich is capitalism. Federal money for the poor is socialism.

Best answer: It depends on the individual Starbucks. Where I live, most cities won't allow smoking within 20 or 30 feet of an entrance to a building, so Starbucks has no say over it.

Why do restaurants close early?

18 answers · 2 weeks ago
So the other night I wanted to order food from this semi local chain restaurant that is in my area. I got off work at 10PM and called the restaurant because their hours are till 11PM but the lady that answered the phone said “sorry we can’t take your order right now, we are closed” and then hund up. The thing that... show more

Or, do you just eat the same amount? I always eat more, b/c I feel like that's what makes it worth it. Their food is usually slightly lower quality, but I make up with quantity.

Best answer: would you twist my are a bit, just for my gf ???

Are you considered rich or poor?

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Best answer: To prevent cross contamination. Suppose you have a cold, put the fork in your mouth, then use it to pick up more food while touching the plate. You go to the buffet, grab the tong, get some food, put the food on your plate with the tong touching the plate then putting the tong back.

Does GrubHub deliver?

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Best answer: That's what they do, dude. That's all they do.

Best answer: I think it's better to go in and ask for a table and tell them how may people will be coming, ,and while yes it's true that some places won't seat a party until everyone is there, it does not hurt to ask.

Scammed at a restaurant?

10 answers · 1 month ago
I am a waitress at a local grill and bar and recently got scammed out a tip by a group of 8 older men. They all had beards and looked to be in their 60's and may have been homeless. They came in and ordered burgers, shrimp, beers, multiple apitizers and deserts. Their bill was $403.67. One of them went outside... show more

Life advice?

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I am a 23 year old female computer technician that lives at home. My job only pays $11/hr and I have a 4 year degree with a concentration in computer science, communication, and business. This June I will have been here for a year, and I was hoping it would get better by now - but it hasn't. I don't exactly... show more

This isn't like a huge deal, I'm just generally curious. I went to a chain restaurant with my mom and a family friend last night. I'm a vegetarian on top of being a picky eater, so there aren't exactly a lot of options for me. lol. The only thing speaking to me was a grilled cheese off of the... show more

What should I eat right now?

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I've been eating at this restaurant consistently for 10 years since it opened in 2009. I'd say I ate there at least once a month for the past couple of years. My family members eat there, I've gone on dates there, had birthday dinners there etc. I have a severe gluten intolerance and celiacs disease and... show more

Why Do People Find This Gross?

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Best answer: Excuse me while I puke.