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Best answer: Just another diversion to keep people from focusing on a massive theft from middle class to the wealthy in the form of government debt sold to them with tax cut money. We went over 200 years without bathroom gender laws other than workplace OSHA. In many places are co-ed bathrooms. All they want to do is light a... show more

Is George Clooney the greatest actor ever?

24 answers · Hawker Centres · 4 days ago
Best answer: Ya you can say that, because he is one of most versatile actor in Hollywood.

Atheists, why don't you like posting anonymously?

10 answers · Durango · 1 day ago
I thought you were morally neutral thrill seekers

Best answer: Indie or Independent also non chain or solo restaurant

Who makes the best Pizza?

21 answers · Fast Food · 3 days ago
I tried Pizza Hut yesterday and it tasted better then I remembered it. I love Domino's online service for ordering pizza's but I also love going into Little Ceaser's for their Pizza and Crazy Bread.

Do Some Actors Love Acting?

9 answers · Auckland · 15 hours ago
Best answer: I think most actors LOVE acting - I think that is why they pursue it as a career. Most actors are not as successful as Christopher and HAVE to take whatever they are offered. Its only successful actors who can "choose" to not take a part if they don't want to. I like "The Dead Zone" - to me... show more

Best answer: In most, if not all states, the legal age is 18. At that age your parents no longer have a legal obligation to you although, in all honesty, they generally have a moral obligation unless you're a real jerk that they want out.

Should McDonald's start making Beef McNuggets?

16 answers · Fast Food · 3 days ago

Supposedly, the government is going to put lots of 5g cell phones towers very soon, and studies have shown that cell phone towers are very bad for health. In some countries, there are already cell phone towers and some people are having health problems. Basically, their health is deteriorating. Also, some sources... show more

Ordering a pizza from papa john's?

8 answers · Fast Food · 1 day ago
Ordering a pizza from papa john's to be delivered is it possible for the driver to stop and get me 12 pack of beer ?

True of false: atheism = stupidity?

6 answers · Aguascalientes · 2 hours ago

Best answer: who would be stupid enough to join trump 3 weeks before he is impeached ?

They do not have a leader, means they are just a lost soul, wondering around and just complain they are better than God who work hard for the community to have a better future. They pretend they are sinners and do not know that the worse sin they have is to under estimate the power of the Church.

What are your thoughts on tipped employees?

12 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 3 days ago
Best answer: I'm American and have lived overseas. In Japan, we were told that tipping was an insult to the servers. They are salaried professionals. The service we received was always excellent, which eliminates the ridiculous argument that tipping is the only reason servers give good service. I've had similar... show more

Best answer: No way it degrades the Monarchy.