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If yes, are these batteries chargeable with solar panels? And how many 'watts' would 18 car batteries give?

Best answer: Hi so the fuse is only a current protection device it does not always work when high voltage is applied to a multimeter it takes milliseconds to blow unlike the damage that can be done in microseconds to coils and semiconductors such as transistors in the meters circuits. blown diodes can sometimes be replaced.

Best answer: https://youtu.be/uVq0o2CzVKI or some people have a vcr just to rewind and fast forward. rubbing alcohol will help kill.mold.

I've had for at least 8-10 years. It was a Christmas present. Is the unit dying out? Do I need to replace it? Where can I find a new Magnavox VCR/DVD combo player? This is getting frustrating because I can't enjoy a movie. The DVD part has been freezing and skipping on and off for the last two to three... show more

Just imagine two monitors placed directly across eachother against the length of the room

sometimes it just goes off of standby mode by itself and I can hear people talking on a ham radio on it. it's kind of annoying and i would like to know how to solve this problem. thanks

This would be very handy when my electric scooter batteries dies when I m out and about. An eBay search turned up nothing. Just gave me a bunch of wall chargers. Am I using the wrong term? Are power banks not strong enough to handle a wall plug?

Best answer: Hi bernard the list is long and so vast from very small units to great large one that move dam gates. so you need to tell us in what context you are interested in for a good answer. as well as D.C.. A.C. and some rather interesting ones.

Can you recommend a Blu Ray player that doesn t require firmware updating, and doesn t always check the internet to authenticate discs that are playing? Just a simple, plug and play Blu Ray player that plays the usual array of discs but doesn t need constant updates or a wifi or ethernet connection to function... show more

What happened here?

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Best answer: you were on the CURRENT measuring mode ... it MUST be series with a load ...the maximum voltage between probes 75 mV not 110 or 220 volts .. usually there is a fuse on the circuit....check it ... sometimes a burnt copper path on the pcb ....the burnt path is in copper color ..solder a small wire there .. i hope you... show more

What is the use of AV accessories?

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Best answer: the charger is x Volts ...y Amperes( maximum allowed current ) ...on pulling the current above this, it will get hot so may will fry. the battery is z Volts t Amperes ( maximum charging current ) .... on charging the current above this, the battery will be damaged....risk of explosion! 1-if x is more than z, the... show more