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Need advice about first apartment?

25 answers · 1 day ago
Hello! I am 18 years old and my close friend and I are looking at apartments. She suggested getting a small personal loan to help with the initial start up of moving in, paying the deposit and first month, which we would obviously be paying back every month. She already has money saved, I already have money saved... show more

Mortgage steps?

13 answers · 19 hours ago
So far we found a house offer got accepted ,appraisal ordered. Monday they send it to the underwriters closing date is the 27th .... but I heard the underwriters still can deny the mortgage loan any thoughts?

My sister is 37 years old, has a job, a cashed off house, a £15k car and a massive annual salary. But she refuses to move out of our parents home. She spends most of the week at work, but when she is home, she lies on her bed and reads for hours on end. Whenever my mum asks her to do something, it comes with a... show more

and discuss these beforehand.

Mortgage broker salary $124,482 Real estate agent salary: $47,880 Insurance agent: $48,150

The gardener didn't report this to me, so I've fired him. This is the 2nd tenant & gardener that has done this to me. The tenants have to move their cars when the gardener shows up, and they don't want to move them. I lived there before, & I gladly moved my car so the backyard would look nice.... show more

I am in a year lease in Florida, no where in my lease does it say he can take pictures. I rent a furnished apartment, only because the previous tenant decided to move out of the country and could not take his furniture with him so he gave all of the furniture to the landlord... I didn’t like how the furniture was... show more


7 answers · 7 hours ago
So my man and I bought a house and there were people still renting out the space when we bought it. So we followed through with an eviction process...long story short the they were able to find a way to get more time and we’ve had enough! We need to get a copy of the lease for the renters but the old owners WONT... show more

I have a home that I currently have a mortgage on, and it’s to my understanding that you can’t finance land. I was wondering if I can somehow add property next to mine as part of my mortgage since it would all be the same property if purchased.

So I’m a 21 year old female, who just graduated with her bachelors, BSN. Trauma nurse. I recently made a move down south and moved in with two college guys who were looking for a third Roomate to sign a 1 year apartment lease with. We hit it off and they were chill with having a female Roomate. So my name is on the... show more

I moved into an apartment with a friend a few months ago. He d been there since about 2015 and was paying $950 a month for rent. He recently decided to move out, and when talking to the Landlady she told me the rent was going to be increasing $300, to $1250, because he was moving out and had been grandfathered in.... show more

I plan to get a bachelor's degree in a biological science and I looked how much that is after tax and what 25 percent would be as 25 percent is a good rule for apartment prices and that comes to about $900 a month. I feel like I am being cheated. I worked so hard in life. I had a very hard childhood struggling... show more

I’m 19 he is 30. We live together. I have 0 family. I’m struggling with my mental health. I’m out of work and have literally no money I’ve tried everything sold almost everything I own (by that I mean I’ve left literally 2 outfits of clothing and my toothbrush) he works. I’m scared he will kick me out. I am not... show more

The property the house is on is 3 acres. But there is a mobile home in those 3 acres. The seller is saying that the mobile home is not included in the purchase of the home and land. Can they do that?

I am planning on moving out of my rental house that I am currently sharing with a house mate. Neither of us have a lease to the property. Do I have to give them any notice? And how do we go about splitting the bills for the time I was there?