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Can the bank cash a check of $15,000?

12 answers · 14 hours ago
I got a check of $15,000 from my grandma’s estate and want to cash it. I have a checking account with Chase. Would they be able to cash it or cash some of it then put the rest in my account? Will it look suspicious to the IRS?

This hasnt happened to me yet. But what happens if you lose your debit card on a weekend when banks are closed and you cant go to the branch and get funds. Do you just have to starve till Monday if you usually eat out rather than buy groceries?

Ok this is interesting so read along please :). I opened up a bank account (debit card not arrived yet) finally and want to get a loan to pay for my uni course fees. Problem is, there must be at least one transaction that's happened in the account for security purposes in order for the loan to come through and... show more

Whats my net worth?

14 answers · 2 days ago

I called the collectors and they gave me another number that told me to call the collectors, told them i already called collectors, then gave me another number with bank, that told me to call the recovery number. I went to my bank and they said they don’t handle that unless I just pay it out in full, but I can’t... show more

How hard will Brexit mess up the UK?

8 answers · 19 hours ago
Best answer: Right at the beginning, when the referendum result was announced, one politician said that it won't be as bad as you fear it will be, and won't be as great as you hope it will be. All changes pan out in the end, and everyone learns to adapt to whatever the new norm is. For a while, especially if we are... show more

I received a call saying I won a raffle at a mall and that I won a lot of money. And it sounded like an automated voice not a person. It’s true I did enter my info to win a car at a mall. But this still sounds like a scam. Is it a scam?

Best answer: 471.88

Best answer: The amount you are likely to earn investing is a lower percentage than your typical car loan. Pay the loan off first. Set aside savings equal to a minimum of three months' wages (six is better), then consider investing.

Also if i'm depositing 100 grand in one transaction will they investigate me or something?

i have a large gift card balance that can t be withdrawn. what are the best items to buy and sell easily without losing much or that can be sold at a higher price in future (collectibles, old video games, ...) ?

Best answer: You are in breach of your contract and certainly they can take steps to make you pay the remainder of your year's subscription. Too many people don't understand that they have entered a legal contract for a set period, when they sign up for direct debit. You are not let off your payments by just summarily... show more

Hi I just got a raise up to 13 dollars an hour. I work minimally 37.5 hours a week. I have a 2 year old and a 13 week old. My bills are- Car- 206.95 Electricity-113 Internet-50 Phone-50 Credit card-60 School bills-100 This is before groceries and gas and diapers. I get 100 dollars a week in child support from my... show more

Best answer: That's if you take it in a lump sum rather than an annuity. Even so, would you turn down a check for $350 million?

I plan to be a single mother through IVF in 5 years time when I have my first child. By then I will be working full-time for the NHS. How long will I be able to be paid while taking time off work to care for the baby before I have to return to work? I see that people on benefits are not required to look for work... show more

My online account has been suspended. I am at work right now and cant call wells fargo til tomorrow morning. Does my debit card still work in the meantime??