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I have some debt, about 90K student loans and 30K credit cards, but thats my business until we get married. If he really loved me he wouldnt' be asking all these questions. Marriage is supposed to be 50/50 and he has responsibilities for taking care of things after we get married but not before. But hes acting... show more

Best answer: No. the whole of having a cosigner on a bank account is that noone who isnt the cosigner can take funds out.

Best answer: Why would you want to open a bank account in Europe!? I opened an account in Germany a couple of years ago and now have to file FBAR every year and fill out and attach Schedule B to my 1040... Anyway, all I needed to open the account was my passport and proof of my home address. I used my US driver's license.

How can i grow fast big bank account?

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Best answer: If tax brackets are 10% $0 and over 12% $9,525 and over 22% $38,700 and over 24% $82,500 and over 32% $157,500 and over 35% $200,000 and over 37% $500,000 and over. The percentage is only for the next dollar you make. It is not retroactive to your previous earnings. If you earned 38,699 only the earnings... show more

Wife and I make pretty good amount of money. We don’t have any credit card debt, but we do have a lot of student loans. We also have a car payment mortgage, and our kids are going to religious school. We need to cut down about $500 a month. We spend about $1k on groceries for the month for our family and $900 on... show more

Im still a college student and I don't have a legit job yet. I babysit here and there to pay off few bills and don't pay taxes cuz I don't make much. a few years ago I worked at a movie theater for 3 months. so thats the only time I payed taxes. but now since I'm moving out of my parents place I... show more

Best answer: Not if you remain in good standing. They can't call your loan simply because your credit score dropped or because you lost your job or something. If your loan goes into default due to missed payments or some other violation of your contract, then they can call the loan. It doesn't mean anything since... show more

Best answer: Citicorp (Citibank) is the 3rd largest bank in the US.

Managing finances at age 19?

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So i'm currently 19 living with my parents and in 2nd year university studying electrical engineering (full time). I also work part time at TD making $21 an hour plus commissions. I make about 2k or so every month and manage to save 90 percent of it. So far I have managed to save about $30000 where 8k are in... show more

How to earn money at age 12?

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