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I only have $500 to invest, could I lose all of that and more?

For example ; You have a groupchat with let’s say 200 members and you give them a signal to buy a particular stock because you believe it will start pushing up. Then after it pushes up you believe it will start coming down so you tell them to sell. What’s the legality behind this? Thank you!

What do you invest in and why?

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I know nothing about stocks what can I do with it? How can I locate it?

Investment Advice?

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Best answer: $500 out of $20,000 over 6 months = 5% per year That and "close to zero risk" doesn't go together. Vanguard's VFSTX investment grade corporate bond fund has low volatility and about 1/2 of your target yield.

Stock Market Company De-Listing?

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Best answer: That depends on what the company does. .....It's probably not going to be good for you .... your stock has serious problems or it wouldn't have been delisted ..... If it does get going again it's likely it'll reverse split to get the price higher ...that's not good . UPDATE : I am not... show more

I'm 24 and have saved 15,000. Unfortunately I can't afford a mortgage at this point in my life as I am single and want to make the purchase when I'm fully ready. I've had 15000 for awhile now and it just sits and want to make use of my money. I've watched YouTube videos of dividend stocks... show more

Can an annuity company go bankrupt?

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My father has a variable annuity account with MetLife. If he annuitizes his account to get a money stream and MetLife goes bankrupt, would he lose all his annuity stream money? Is it insured by anything like FDIC or what have you?

If I have U$10000 to invest it is possible?