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In otherwords, should some obese person with an unhealthy lifestyle be allowed to drain the taxpayers dry for frequent doctor visits and other medical stuff to keeping them alive or should we just throw them on the street and have them live within their own means and not on taxpayer expense?

Medicaid mistakes?

15 answers · 2 weeks ago
I got a letter saying i owe them 21k cause from a certain period of time i wasn't eligible for medicade but i never received a letter saying i wasn't eligible, instead i always got letters saying that im eligible & my benefits will continue. Why would they bill me if i was never told i wasn't... show more

later fell down while walking, could the accident have contributed to her fall?

I could be getting a raise soon but i need to get health care since im turning 26, If health care is based on income should I ask not to get a raise until after i find a plan or does it really not matter that much, Its only a dollar raise.

Can i cancel my gap insurance?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago

Best answer: No, but you need to change the address.

How much is health insurance?

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I went to the dentist the other day... & I want to do porcelains/crowns. & it ended up being 6,000 + but I only 3,000 + My question is does anyone know if I can combine my insurance ... & my dads insurance Bc I am on his too from his job. Or can I see if his insurance will pay more even if we are on... show more

I'm starting to document the personal property we own in case we need to file a insurance claim for a total loss. I don't have any idea what type of documentation my insurance company would require. I've googled around and haven't come up with a good answer. What should I be recording to document... show more

My dog currently has an infection underneath her jaw area and we have already been through one surgery, tests and medications to treat it. We paid out of pocket with no insurance to pay for all of this but it seems that the infection has returned and there is a possibility that she will need to have surgery again... show more