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I am $20,000 in debt at the moment. I've had Bill collection agencies calling me. For 2 years. I have the money now to pay Off all my debt but I'm not sure how to go about with this. I say this because I've been told it's not good to just pay off your debt. Any advice pleas? Thanks!

I paid off my credit card about 2 years ago and I stopped using the card.

If it's an auto loan the lender can reposess your car. If it's a home loan, the lender can repossess your house. If it's a credit card you aren't making the payments on, the credit card company can cancel your card. But can the student loan lender repossess your education or cancel your degree?

Best answer: There's nothing to "get out of". It's a rebate card. You either use the card for a purchase or you don't. The maintenance fee is charged to the card monthly until the balance is used up. If you toss it, make sure to cut it up first.

Can I use a credit card like this?

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I have credit card w $500 limit. I have to buy a fridge tomorrow, cant do it any other day. The fridge is $550 w/out tax. Could I put about $60 on the credit card to give it a “negative charge” and then put $550 on the credit card for the fridge...? I’ve seen small negative charges like $2 but wanna make sure his... show more

Is 20 credit cards too much ?

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Best answer: Hell yeah! That's just ridiculous.

How can i deactivate my card?

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I have never gone near or beyond my credit limit and I've got an option to increase it. Should I?

Possible scammer?

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He ask to go to the store and buy a iTunes gift card and he can use the card as a reference number and transfer money to my PayPal. I’m not sure why but can’t he just send it to the money to my PayPal account

Best answer: Not bad, if you use them responsibly, and preferably pay them off every month.

Should I or shouldn t i?

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So I hate my sis in law. Bank has been trying to reach her about her delinquent car loan.. 60 days now... should I give them her new address for them to repo the car?