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For example, my payment is due 10/23. There is no minimum payment listed. My closing date is 10/26. I also get payed from work on 10/26. Can I pay a small amount of my bill today and the rest on the 26th? I am also under 30 percent of my credit limit I have only spent 130 dollars but my whole credit amount given is... show more

I just realize I’ve got a habit of putting myself in debt. I just pre ordered my iPhone xr so that’s $900 bucks I owe, I’m not really worried about that but already owe like $8000 in credit card debt and I’m 22! I just went to a Honda dealership and got me a Honda Accord 2018. I’m happy because it’s my first real... show more

I'm just barely starting getting into credit cards so it'd be helpful to get some insight on this.

My parents have a horrible credit history, and they just put my name as a joint account holder without telling me. I do not own a personal credit card of any kind yet. Will this affect my future credit history?

Hi there. I am trying to take a car loan out for a car, and was curious if anyone thinks I would get approved for one-before I take the time to go and apply and add inquiries to my report. My current credit score is between 676-690 between the three credit agencies. I currently have about 800 in balances. But have... show more

Best answer: Generally this refers to something that you have to put lots of money into with very little return. For example, if you refer to your house as a "money pit" it means you have to keep spending money on repairs and such and the problems and costs never seem to end. There is acutally a movie called... show more

How can I build my credit score fast? I am trying to sell my home to purchase another home, but the banks won’t approve me because my credit score is only 560 Are there any ways to build a credit score fast?

Due to hard times and needing the money for other unexpected things my mom has 6 credit cards she didn't make payments on last month and they all showed up on her credit report and dinged her pretty bad. She went from around 680 to 620. Will simply paying off the past due amounts increase her score again? If... show more

I got my daughter a car last year under my name. She is paying the monthly payments for it and she hasn’t missed any my question is when she turns 18 can she take over the payments through her own credit to help build it

which unsecured credit cards are easiest to be approved for? what credit score is the minimum requirement for most unsecured credit cards?

Payloan help !!!!?

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My boyfriend has been silly enough to get a payday loan way before I met him , he’s finally just paid it off after many final demand letters , but now he’s still receiving phone calls from other companies saying they bought the loan off Sunny Loans and owes them 2k+ , can anyone give me some advice on what to do ?

Recently made a purchase online and just got an email saying my purchase was cancelled. At the time of the purchase, they charged my card, and after it was cancelled, my money was refunded. On my debit card, my middle initial is on it. When i typed my billing info for my original order, i left out my middle... show more