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Advice needed?

15 answers · 2 days ago
I failed my drivers test today and I’m super disappointed. The lady I got was super strict about everything I did. My first issue was not looking at a blind spot (which I thought I did) before merging into a turning and and secondly, she didn’t like the way I stopped at a stop sign because you are supposed to make... show more

Every day I have to turn right at a stop sign to get out of a neighborhood and there’s typically incoming cars in the left lane due to traffic. Today, I turned right into the right lane even with the incoming cars. My friend said that she usually waits until both lanes are clear to turn “just in case.” But... show more

Best answer: You do what is generally known s a "brake check". Tap on your brakes so your brake lights light up. Most people get the message. If they don't you just slow down until theidiot passes you. It's better to have a fool in front of you than behind you.

Scratched someone's car?

8 answers · 1 week ago
I misdguded the distance to pass someone while making a left turn. And scratched thier side mirror. We exchanged information.And they will contact thier insurance. Here is the pic of the stratch

Best answer: The left lane, in MOST states, s reserved for passing. Technically speaking it is a ticketable offense to drive continuously in the passing lane. Texas has recently announced the intent to enforce that law and the ticket price is $150.

So my fiancé needs to drive his nephew to see his mom in Colorado since his nephew has break, but he does not have a 4 wheel drive. We have until Monday night that we can be on this road trip, so would we even make it there and back? Would this be possible

Best answer: Nothing is going to happen. But as a new driver, you should learn from the experience. Experience is what will eventually make you a good driver.

Where i live i like to do u-turns when im looking for a place to park. Is this legal?

Best answer: Yes. As long as she is using the seat belt. The vehicle air bag also helps! Now she may be going 35, but how fast was the other driver in the head-on collision? The impact forces will be the sum of the two vehicles! Very nasty hit!

Best answer: Explain the reason for multiple gear positions and how it's necessary to disengage the engine by using the clutch while starting, stopping, and changing gear positions. The let her simply drive the car slowly forward and backward in an empty parking lot before you ever let her try to change gears other than 1st... show more

Why are some drivers cold hearted?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Whilst walking down the street, i saw two people cross the road. They weren’t on pedestrian crossing. I saw cars approaching near them and they were walking amd crossing slowly. I noticed that the car that was approaching them near didn’t even bothered to slow down more to stop hitting them rather the car was going... show more

Best answer: Okay nitwit, you don't have to ask everyone in the comments section. As has been said repeatedly, that's an illegal pass with double solid yellow. They will not get into trouble unless witnessed by law enforcement. You can of course call and report it but nothing will happen

How to stop properly on a bycicle?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Hi, i might start using a bike on the road, i understand i follow the rules of other vehicles, and to use hand signals, but when can you stop and get off the road? If you're at a stop sign or an intersection next to a sidewalk, are you allowed to just stop and get off on to the sidewalk?

I was driving in a 30 mph road just emerging from 20 mph road. I notice a silver car by my right hand side pass me in such speed in the 30 mph road. I donot think i was that slow. May be just building my speed to reach 30 mph. There was another occasion where i was driving in 30 zone i noticed a car over took me i... show more

I have an idea for a safety feature designed for rear-end collisions. The idea: Driver's seat, passenger seat, rear seats, are each mounted on 2 "gliding poles" measuring 7-in with 2 strong springs in them. The poles are locked in place with an electronic latch that stops the seats from gliding back... show more

Aux problem on car.?

3 answers · 3 weeks ago
I have a 2016 Malibu and today it started having this issue where the screen will say “aux jack in” when I’m not even plugging in the aux. So I’ll be listening to my music through bluetooth and it will keep stopping bc of this problem. It’s so annoying. What could the problem be???

Do you drive slow in heavy rain?

17 answers · 4 weeks ago

Best answer: The woman was driving the boat-it should be same as who drives a car-he was a passenger-she was in control of the thing, and lost it- but what a ridiculous situation to put yourself in, on a first ever date with someone off the internet-that is death by misadventure-that,s only because she is not alive, otherwise... show more