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My neighbors keep stealing my gas. I looked for a lockable gas cap under my car's make and model on Amazon, but was unable to find one that didn't have a large amount of complaints about the cap either becoming stuck or outright not working. Is there another way I can try to make sure my neighbors don't... show more

Warming up/Defrosting car?

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I've always waited til the car interior is warmed up before i drive off in winter. My sister says its just a waste of gas and causing wear and tear on the motor. What say you YAHOO.

i had smoke leaking from under the exhaust manifold and when taking it off ive noticed a small crack which leads into the hole for the exhaust stud.. apparently common on this type of car due to it having 3mm clearance from the stud hole looking for the cheapest option and option one is using heat... show more

I have lived in the same building for 19 years. About 10 years ago a woman moved in. There are four covered spots in the front, everyone else has to park in the lot in back. My car is very old, and over time has sometimes leaked various fluids. I am the only one allowed to park there, and no one has any reason... show more

Best answer: I sometimes think that you need to stop your question above with a question mark after the word "car" and delete all the words and punctuation after the newly placed question mark.

This may be a stupid question, and it's something that got me thinking as to why they stopped doing this. I know that in the early 90's Integras you can see the fuel level when the car is turned off all the way and the keys not in the ignition. I think it's better to see the fuel level without the keys.... show more

How do deal with unsafe drivers?

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Best answer: Avoidance is the best way. Go to junk yard and get a VW chrome emblem and glue it to the back of your car. The other driver will see VW and automatically assume he is driving too will pull out and pass you. Even if YOU are speeding, he will pull out and pass you. Or also get a DIESEL chrome... show more

Hey, I have a 2004 Ford Escape that has had the battery warning light on the dash for about a month. I took it to auto zone and the battery and alternator tested good. Today I'm out and it won't turn over and has no power. The battery terminals are clean and the connections look good. Any idea what... show more

I have a 2004 Toyota Solara. 112,000 miles. I've had it for 4 years, and never once had a problem with it. until yesterday. The car growls when you first step on the the gas pedal, but stops growling once it reaches a fast enough speed. once it first starts to accelerate it's make a loud growl, but once I... show more

Where to look for lost car keys?

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my supervisor at work on his 2017 GMC Sierra Denali keeps his headlights on auto when he leaves his car from the parking lot and he does it every morning I always wondered if it will drain your battery. I want to do it on my Civic because it looks cool and it is halogen lights he has LED

jerk mechanic who will probably rip you off??? You can learn how to fix anything yourself! My boyfriend is a computer technician and he taught me how to fix my own computer!

We see additives ranging from octane booster, fuel injector cleaner, engine tune-up, engine oil flush, to engine oil stop leaks. But do these products really work in your car, and up to what degree do these products work. If I were to use such products, I would go with STP or Liqui-Moly