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I just turned 18 and my drivers test is next month, but I'm really frustrated because I can't go anywhere without parental supervision. By California laws, do I still need my parental figure to be in the car even though I have my permit?

I'm leaving the country for three months and cannot attend to my vehicle for an additional three months after that. I have arranged for relatives to care for the car, crank it, and drive it around occasionally. I'm curious to know if I could cancel the insurance during this time but continue to pay the car... show more

i was hit in the rear at lights. the driver gave his details to the police from his licence. the owner now says the vehicle was in a garage. the garage wont talk to my insurer and the tpi says they are not liable but wont give any proof it was in a garage. how will this end.

The problem here is, I can t drive to college and if I do, I need someone who is 21 or over. Because i took the written rest and have to wait six month just to take the driving test. I will be living by myself, and I am in a state that I have never been in. The school also doesn t have a dorm and there is almost no... show more

Best answer: I think dtiver test people take a course in being mean and nasty..

I went to the driving school and passed the knowledge(written) test and they didn't give me a permit. the lady told me I have to go to another place to get the permit?

Can I take drivers Ed online??

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So I am 15 and I need to take drivers ed so I can get my permit and do behind the wheel. So I attend a puplic school and I am wondering is I can do online drivers ed. I know the cost and everything and also I live in the state of Minnesota.

I have my own self converted camper van (a ford transit swb) which has been quoted at £800 to ship to USA. However I am confused as to what else I need to pay to drive for 12 months. I need Insurance. Road tax? There is no clear answer I can find online. Is insurance more expensive in the US for a UK license?... show more

Is there a grace period where you can still drive in order TO get glasses ? M

I completely forgot I had to renew it because I moved and didn t change my address yet and for some reason this year, it expired in only four years rather than five. ANYWAYS..... If I renew it by mail, will they send me something that says it is being renewed?? OR will I just have to wait the two weeks?? I was... show more