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I have a 20 year old car paid off and my insurance company charges ne only $58 a month for liability, my friends say I should try and get cheaper elsewhere but $58 a month feels like a great deal to me, should i shop rates?

Recently a car hit my truck because another car pulled out in front of them causing them to swerve into me. That person never stopped and their were no cameras. The car that hit me won't pay because of the other car. What am I supposed to do???

Best answer: Just go to the repair shop and get another copy printed. Problem solved. The insurance company's estimate won't stand up in court, so don't worry about it. They can ask you to get a second repair estimate, but they can't legally do one themselves. No judge would ever accept that, because... show more

I was in a car accident back in August , I was rear ended and my car ended up totaled. Now i was sure I had gap and just found out I did not but I was told by a friend that the other parties insurance will cover the difference. Is this true?

So a rental car rear ended me. They gave me their license and I took a picture of it. Cops said because no one was injured and it was just a small dent that they wouldn't be coming around (understandable). Is it possible for my insurance company to figure out the other drivers rental company? The other driver... show more

How would they even find out? Only thinking about this because insurance for new drivers is very expensive, especially without the stupid black box.

Motorbike or car?

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I was driving for about 2 years and it was expensive but then I sold my car for a 20 yr old bmw which was really cheap to get insurance but didn't realise it costed alot for emissions each year and it ended up getting taken coz I couldn't afford emissions payments after 6 months at 60 per month... since... show more

If you rear-end a stopping vehicle on the road because they had no brake lights, would it still be your fault, even if you recorded it on dash cam to show the police?

It's not permanent disability just temporary but I was wondering if it's still considered like I am working and added to my claim.

I would guess that it is much higher.

My car was rear ended in front of my house while it was parked. Clearly the other parties fault. Their insurance is telling me they will repair the damages. But I want the get paid the cash value instead, is that up to me? The car is still drivable, barely any damage but my insurance did an estimate of $2450. I... show more

Will GAP insurance cover the vehicle?

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Hi, I was wondering my grandma had financed a 2018 vehicle about 5 months ago. She of course had full coverage on it since it’s being financed and she also decided to get “GAP” insurance. Well unfortunately her car got totaled . She was in a accident but not with another vehicle she just wrecked her car . She is... show more

So you pay for the Car itself and Insurance. What other stuff do you have to pay for if there is any extra stuff?

I’ve been cooped up for a long time due to not being able to drive, which is why I need to learn how so I can go out into society more. I need to go to driving school, but I don’t want the DMV to say something like “That school isn’t recognized as official, you have to do THIS one” because then I will have wasted... show more

I’m 18 years old with a UK drivers license. My grandparents have a car, and insurance over here is on the car not the person like the uk. Am I able to drive their car?

So I sent my car and the insurance pictures, it’s Lyft by the way that is dealing with all this because their driver hit my car, anyways. They sent me a check for he repairs but then the body shop declared it a total loss, but I’m still making payments on the car, they sent me what the car is worth and the payout.... show more

Required financial responsibility for Texas drivers and vehicle owners includes: A. Department of Public Safety approved self-insurance B.Coverage by a motor vehicle or automobile liability insurance policy C. Either A and B are correct

if I get an A, that should prove I am a safe driver. Drivers ed includes actual driving so if I do not drive safely, how could I get an A?