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I really wanted this car ever since i saw it at the auto show. I really love small sporty cars. However, I only work minimum wage and make less then $20k a year. But i do live with my parents so i have no expenses. I also have about $10k for a downpayment. Do you think it would be a bad idea financially to buy... show more

car got totaled got paid out for it but it was a hand me down car from my parents that i helped pay for under the table since i drove it the most. i got NO credit, minimum waged job/low paying job so income is low in general. the car i want is about $40k msrp ( dream car ) but i know that is unrealistic in my... show more

Buying/Used car questions?

8 answers · 15 hours ago
have a couple questions related to buying/used cars. 1. is insurance typically cheaper for older cars? say 3+ years older or what actually dictates the price of insurance? 2. what are good car brands and models to buy that are reliable? i can only think of 2 that people say are reliable but i have no knowledge of... show more

Is minicooper a good car?

13 answers · 3 days ago
I was watching online for a used car to buy and i find minicooper is small and tiny girly car so i wanted to buy it but dad told it get broken alot so.. is it right

What car should i buy?

6 answers · 21 hours ago
Im a girl I wanna buy a car but i want it tiny one and have a low price any recommendations?

I was looking at cars at carmax and i noticed they are way overpriced. Some of them cost over $3k more then the suggested Kelley blue book value. Why is carmax so overpriced?

I am going to be a junior in high school and I don't have anyone to take me to school in the morning and in the evening. I also have speech and debate practice at 6am in the mornings and my mom doesn't like getting up early. Should I buy a new car or should I wait. My mom thinks taking the public bus is... show more

Best answer: Your bigger issue is not qualifying at all because of a lack of sufficient income. 736 is good enough for 10% down if you had income of $1800+ a month. Anyone that would finance you now is going to be subprime which means bad terms and subpar cars so DONT EVEN TRY until you get your income up. Save & pay... show more

I live in California and I leased a 2017 VW Jetta SE for 3 years. The car has 20,000 miles. I got a payoff quote for $14,000 and I want to sell for $14,000. I don t want to make money off of it. Are there people willing to pay $14,000 in cash for cars or not?

Hey you all, long story short, my ex took off with a vehicle I co-signed for. Dropped out of college, quit his job, and I now have no clue where this vehicle is. He won’t talk to me, and evidently is traveling cross country. The payments are behind by two. Is there anything I can do in order to get possession of... show more

Im asking for advice from ppl who have own these 2 cars. I needed a car thats going to last a long time and need to be on budget and plz don t tell me go to Honda or Toyota or Nissan. I m interested in one of these cars.

theres another car im looking at with only 20k but i like the color of leather better in the car with 36k

I'm looking to buy a cheap car, and the owner Is selling this for $700. Good condition. Is it worth it to all my car guys out there? I know nothing about cars

Best answer: Look for a used car dealer that does its own financing.

Its a good car in USA or its for poor people? I always see people driving pickups and suvs in movies, its seem even poor people prefer to buy a used pickup than a new cheap car.

How do you purchase a used car?

4 answers · 4 days ago
I am buying my first car on my own. I have saved up money, but I am buying a cash car from a private owner. How do I make this purchase? I have never made a purchase this large. Do I need to literally take out all the cash? I have little credit since I'm young still, so I am only allowed to take out $400 a day.... show more