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Is $58 a month a good deal for car insurance?

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I have a 20 year old car paid off and my insurance company charges ne only $58 a month for liability, my friends say I should try and get cheaper elsewhere but $58 a month feels like a great deal to me, should i shop rates?

I see people do this in the winter. So I assume theres a good reason. Should I do the same with my car? I just started driving a few months ago

My roommate does this. She sleeps in her car instead of her bedroom. Her car is in the parking lot, running with either the AC or the heat on full blast, while she sleeps for anywhere from 4-8+ hours, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just this week her heat stopped working, like it stopped coming out hot, and I'm not... show more

Recently a car hit my truck because another car pulled out in front of them causing them to swerve into me. That person never stopped and their were no cameras. The car that hit me won't pay because of the other car. What am I supposed to do???

Is a car with lpg faster or stronger than car without?

8 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 day ago

Best answer: I live in interior Alaska. 50 yr Alaska resident. There are important things you need to do. First, get either studs or winter tires. For trucks and cars, get 50# sand bags (usually two or three do the trick depending on how large your vehicle is. Have a block heater to keep your engine warm. Slow down before the... show more

What slows the car?

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Can you put water where it say engine coolent?

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but how do you know that they actually changed the oil filter.

What kind of cars do rich people drive?

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How do you remove riveted in ball joints? Without damaging the control arm.

Is it a good idea and what are the potential risks if it’s not?

How many miles do you drive per week?

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Best answer: Just go to the repair shop and get another copy printed. Problem solved. The insurance company's estimate won't stand up in court, so don't worry about it. They can ask you to get a second repair estimate, but they can't legally do one themselves. No judge would ever accept that, because... show more

Bought a used car and the engine died what should I do?

12 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 day ago
I bought a car knowing it would need a new clutch so I got the car cheaper and I drove it for a month or two and then replaced the clutch, but it took about a month to get all the parts as they had to be shipped from a different country anyway when I got the car back and the gearbox was working fine but then there... show more

Can a dealership sell a car in va with check engine light on?

17 answers · Buying & Selling · 3 days ago