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Is it okay to trace a photo in art?

13 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 3 days ago
If you could draw it just as well? I can draw very well, but I trace most of the time to make the process faster. If you want the thing exactly as it is in the photo, and you could draw it if you had the time, it's not really cheating. I usually trace it in pencil and then draw over it in pen to make it my... show more

Is being able to draw really well genetic?

7 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 22 hours ago

Is this art good for a 13 year old?1?

8 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes, for a 13-year-old child, it's very, very good.

Why are some of my pictures cr2 and some are jpeg?

8 answers · Photography · 2 days ago
I’m trying to merge them on Lightroom but since they aren’t the same file type they aren’t merging

What are your thoughts on this photograph?

7 answers · Photography · 3 days ago

Can someone describe this drawing precisely and clearly?

6 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 days ago

Is handwriting genetic?

5 answers · Other - Visual Arts · 2 days ago

What is the best adhesive to use for making paper collages?

5 answers · Other - Visual Arts · 3 days ago

On Lightroom it says “unable to merge” help?

4 answers · Photography · 2 days ago
I tried to merge 3 photos into hdr merge but it says “selected images are of different types”. What can I do?

Is that picture good?

14 answers · Photography · 1 week ago
Best answer: You generally want to show the person's face. There could, and maybe should, have been some props or some other elements to tell more of a story. For example, you could have someone wearing a mask, dressed in black combat boots, black jeans and a wife beater to add a sinister element in the shot. Maybe have... show more

I know it can be different for everybody and I haven t been drawing very long so I"m aware that I have a long way to go with my art. But how did you find yours? What could help me?

Is this drawing I did good?

7 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 5 days ago
Best answer: Awesome and wonderful art.

Who is your favourite artist from the past?

25 answers · Painting · 2 weeks ago

Do you like this painting 🎨?

15 answers · Painting · 1 week ago

When I search, all I get is info on how to use Photoshop's perspective warp. I would like to understand which way I need to adjust my camera to get perfectly centered compositions. I know I could "fix it in post", but there are often objects that give it away. Sometimes, it'll look to me, for... show more

Question about art work?

5 answers · Photography · 7 days ago
Best answer: Yes if, and only if the images that you download meet the following criteria: 1) It must not be copyrighted or you must have expressed written consent from the copyright owner to make copies of the work. Labs or stores that make prints will not make a print of file if it looks professional, so be prepared to be... show more

I m really looking to learn digital art but I m just god awful at drawing on paper. Is it possible to be a good digital artist without having the traditional skills or will the both improve as I practice digital art or the other way around?