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I find Adolf, as a name itself, to be very handsome. Unfortunately many people only associate it with Hitler. There’s plenty of other famous people with the name too though such as Adolphe Sax and Adolf Eberle. But yet, while Adolf is barely used, Joseph is still being used frequently despite Josef Stalin’s... show more

Most of the people in the South are descended from people who fought in the confederacy. These people were as American as everyone else. Because of a political problem with the president these people decided to leave the union, since according to articles of the confederation, any state of the union is free to... show more

Best answer: No, they tried to expel the Jews - first to Palestine, then to Madagascar, then to Poland. They just wanted the Jews out of Germany. The blame for so many deaths that have been defined as "the Holocaust" goes back to Britain. Britain made an agreement (McMahon Agreement) with the Arabs in 1915 if they... show more

I heard that somewhere

I was watching a documentary and this German guys keeps saying Hitlerdeutschland what does that mean?

Did Leonardo Da Vinci have a katana?

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I don't mean the ninja turtle but the renaissance figure I feel like he could have gotten a katana any number of ways, maybe Marco Polo brought some back from the east and they were floating around in private collections Are there any records of katanas in italy during the renaissance?

Best answer: YES its a historical fact if you actually look into ti and check the real facts..

Both were Marxist-Leninist but China thrived while the Soviet Union failed?

The USSR under VI Lenin and Joseph Stalin was just as brutal, genocidal, and murderous, if not worse than the Tsar Monarchy. Why do people act like it was actually better under Lenin and Stalin when it was actually worse?

Has there ever been a case where a Nazi during combat potentially helped a POW or opposition troop? Like in Saints and Soldiers, or in Call of Duty 2 in a mission where a Nazi medic along with a troop treated 12 wounded Americans to avoid being killed and to be allowed to surrender.

Best answer: The development of biological science is commensurate w/ discoveries that accurately identified specific cause/result. There was a time when one's 'wasting away' was medically defined as consumption too. People wanted to know what the malady was. The medical community was expected to have answers.

Me and my mum no blood relation to the man I'm speaking about, I checked record's of every man who was in Gallipoli especially in the 1st AIF , the western front and the middle eastern campaign where the lighthorse led the charge on beersheba no record of this man anywhere during the war. I haven't seen... show more

Best answer: It would vary a lot depending on what part of the UK. For instance, although eggs were rationed, people in the country might keep their own chickens and have their own egg supply. so they would be more likely to have fresh eggs to eat than people in towns. Generally, sugar was in short supply, as were butter,... show more

Best answer: American industrial cities began their decline in the 50s. Easy- see Census data. The 1960 census and after has continual declines. Returning GIs moved to the suburbs. Blacks moving north and blacks already north were segregated into crummy neighborhoods. As they pushed out little by little into white... show more