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Is llewen slowly losing her mind?

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Help with ryming this quote?

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I m makeing a t-shirt that says it s a tea shirt with the image of a tea bag on it. I need a small quote that rymes with tea bag.

What is the meaning of this quote?

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Best answer: "Running your mouth off" is another way of saying "talking too much", usually about the wrong things at the wrong time. So the quote is saying if you run your mouth off all the time, chances are that you're going to meet someone who can't put up with it, and they will make you stop talking. show more

Best answer: Thank you Joseph, Very cool!

In one of the myriad of youtube videos I watched in the past week there was a quote that went something like this, I'm paraphrasing: "If people start treating you like the worst enemy after one mistake it means you've been too good to them". Google didn't find anything and I've looked... show more

I need some quotes *bad ones*?

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so I've been looking around for quotes but TBH all i could find is hippie life loving quotes, but what i am searching for is ****** up ones....pessimistic, life hating, violent ones, something the gta v character Trevor would say....consider that i constantly visit the sub r/watchpeopledie...and other gore... show more

What does this quote mean? “I was quiet, but I was not blind?” Is it meant to be taken negatively or positively? Thank you for answering.

What is your favorite quote?

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Best answer: "Sometimes, all it takes is one simple act of kindness to have a positive impact." (Caroline Pedersen)

What's your favorite quote?

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Best answer: You can’t go forward if you’re always looking backwards. It’s not just love, but that’s the first time I ever used it.

That's what John Lennon said.

Best answer: It's the only way they can spread their beliefs, as they can't win in a rational debate as their beliefs have no logical or scientific foundations.

Best answer: Last Hurrah : a final act, performance, or effort. * Someone's last hurrah is their final effort after a long period of work: Example : Petersen has said that this season will be his last hurrah as a player. ​ * Someone or something's last hurrah is their last period of influence or power: Example :... show more

Best answer: Not at all the same thing. Smoke has thousands of chemical compounds in it, many of which are toxic, cancerous or irritants. Steam from hot water has none of those things. It it was hot enough to damage anything, then you would notice the pain immediately.