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Best answer: Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, and Sword Art Online are all really good ones.

Best answer: Better in terms of what? And did you choose those two because you're talking about the Arrowverse versions? Flash saves more lives having literally saved the multiverse in season 2....albeit after he's the one that put it in danger. Flash is more popular in his own city. Flash is more powerful. Flash... show more

Superhero ideas anyone?

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Best answer: A person that can stop time and while everyone else is frozen in mid whatever he has the ability to move about normally,,,, only doing so for more than just a minute or two greatly weakens him.

Can a guy use this bag for school?

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Best answer: He was very well known. As well known as he is today. There was a TV series called Superman. I used to watch it every Saturday morning.

Best answer: Never give up

Best answer: the wabbit hunter ...... elmer fudd

I am currently watching Death Note right now and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've also seen Elfen Lied in the past, but I literally couldn't bring myself to rewatch it even after over 10 years all because of that scene with those kids killing the dog. Sigh, why must animal cruelty ruin my animes :(... show more

Imma be honest..........i'd go on a date wit Frost from Dragon Ball Super...................................... look at me that way ;-;

Best answer: The Dark Knight. Honorable Mentions: Batman Begins, Batman (1989), The Dark Knight Rises, Batman Returns, The Lego Batman Movie

Best answer: I prefer Scorpion, as his backstory is more engaging and he is neutrally aligned. He also has some of the best actual spoken quotes from the entire series. With Sub-Zero, you have to first discern which brother you mean, then if it's the cyborg story line or not. For further support, "Netherrealm"... show more

What is soul society?

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I don't get it, mangas tend to have a lot more content than animes do.

Best answer: Ant-Man and Wasp would win. Arrow and Canary are too small to attack Scott and Hope. Both have extensive skill sets. As long as Scott able to control the ants and the ants would Attack Oliver and Dinah.

When does Batman sleep?

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So I was rewatching the dark night (which is so good lol) and after the first scene he is in they cut to the next morning. I thought when does he sleep? He has to fight crime at night but he has a company to run during the day?? Is this discussed in the comic books? Thanks lol :)

Drawing ideas?

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Best answer: Me and you should work on this together, It will be fun, Japanese art style please There is this female spirit called Ishtar and she has the ability to possess any one, so Ishtar saw this boy by the river, she admires this boy but suddenly he his attacked by four huge monsters, three of the monters are green but... show more