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Best answer: Yes, it is correct. After certain words like advice, recommend, order, etc. the subjunctive form is used. It was recommended that he GO to the doctor. The general ordered that he BE discharged. The advice from the vet was that the horse supplement his diet.

Exact meaning?

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What does it mean when someone says you talk blunt?

Like if you’re asking a question or talking to them and they are “being short” with you

Best answer: Yes, it means that the person has died.

Best answer: NO- IT IS NOT CORRECT! I wish people wouldn't answer questions when they don't know what they're talking about! "much" is used before nouns. "Mysterious" is an adjective. The noun is "mystery. There is much mystery in history.

"I'll just cope with my provisions from now until the day they lay me down." Is that mean "to kill" or maybe "to leave"?

Best answer: Many people think of it as an insult directed towards women, so you rather expect to hear it only from hostile men, not from a woman to another woman. However, many people find the word erotic, sexually arousing, and a woman might use it that way. In that context, it wouldn't be shocking, except to people who... show more

Is Ismail Musa a Muslim name?

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I remember the cold night you brought in a pile of logs and a chipmunk jumped off as you lowered your arms. Does it mean: You were brought in a pile of log ( you were inside the pile of logs)? or Dose it mean: You brought that chipmunk in a pile of Logs? This context is from a short story named: Snow by Ann... show more

Is this sentence correct?

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The country is now being perished by a woman interfering in the politics, and the disloyal subjects rising to power in the court.And We just are just watching it,unable to do nothing.how deplorable and sad it is

Which is correct? 1. I went to a gift shop at a hospital 2. I went to a gift shop inside a hospital 3. I went to a gift shop in this hospital

Which word is correct?

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Best answer: I'm going to differ with most people here. over means "louder than (the storm)". Through would mean at about the same noise level. if he said it over the storm, the person would hear it well. if he said it through the storm (the noise of the storm), the person would hear it but it might (likely... show more

rip you off? what "gauging " someone refers to? like sticking a fork in their belly? other?