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everyone know jews controls the finance in this country.

I’m a TJ Maxx cashier and sometimes, we get customers that come back hours to a day after checking out, holding only their receipt, and claiming we either double charged an item or forgot to put an item in their bag. So, then we have to look in the lost and found bin, and if we don’t find the item, we have to just... show more

Do store managers have a boss?

9 answers · 2 days ago
Or are store managers the bosses themselves and have full power over everything? Such as hiring, firing, and deciding if and when they want to quit? Also, if they have a boss, can they be fired?

Best answer: Stay in your current job. DO NOT TRUST THIS ETHNIC EMPLOYER! I have to shout this warning to stop you doing something very foolish, but owners of these types of shops are notorious liars so listen to the alarm bells ringing loud in your mind.

I received a voicemail today.?

15 answers · 6 days ago
I received a voicemail from a lady that stated she was an independent courier and she had legal documents I had to sign So she said I need to get back with her immediately. She stated she would be going to my work first to locate me and then my home if I wasn’t found at work. I called the number back and some “loan... show more

Why did so many big companies go away from beating prices to only matching them. I remember a time when if it was cheaper somewhere else a company would beat that price. What happened to that?

Or does provide a middle class life style?

$50 insurance. Daughter asked daily if they ve received. USPS claims they dropped it off on 12/10. Office says they havn t seen it. How can either my daughter or I file for the $50, being that the USPS did their job?

It seems like every time I go to a Costco it is super busy there, it makes me wonder why don't they build a lot of Costco's.

Best answer: Read.

Best answer: nope

Incoming wire fee ?

8 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Nope. Those are pretty high wire fees I agree but if you had looked on the sending bank's webpage and your bank's terms and conditions, they are posted there. That's why I avoid wiring the money especially for relatively small amounts like this.

UPS tracking problem?

5 answers · 5 days ago
I've just order a cell phone and a case (separately) from ebay. The phone is coming from a guy and the case from a company. I got an email later that night from ebay telling me that my orders had been processed and shipped. When I try to place my order number into the UPS tracker, it says it can't locate... show more